Date Someone Who Is Proud To Be Your Boyfriend

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Date someone who shows off pictures of you, because he can’t get over how beautiful you are.

Date someone who asks you to come with him to office parties and house parties, because he feels more confident when you are on his arm.

Date someone who introduces you to, not just his parents, but his entire extended family, because he wants every aunt and every cousin to see what a catch he’s found.

Date someone who isn’t embarrassed of posting sappy statuses on your Facebook page and uploading corny photos to Instagram, because he wants the world to see how in love he is.

Date someone who holds your hand while you browse through the mall and wraps an arm around your waist when you are walking through the park, because he isn’t afraid for everyone to know you two are an item.

Date someone who leaves photos of you across his desk at work, or uses your photo as the background of his phone and laptop screens.

Date someone who brags about your accomplishments to all of his family members and friends, because he thinks you are such a hard worker and that you deserve everything you’ve gotten.

Date someone who introduces you as his girlfriend, as his other half, as the love of his life — and not just as a friend.

Date someone who is proud of being your boyfriend. Someone who wakes up every single day and thinks about how lucky he is to have you while you’re thinking the exact same thing.

Because your boyfriend shouldn’t be embarrassed of you. He shouldn’t hesitate to put a label on your relationship. He shouldn’t worry about posting kissing selfies with you online, because he doesn’t want his friends to poke fun at him, to call him whipped.

He shouldn’t be embarrassed of telling you he loves you over the phone when other people around can hear. He should feel comfortable saying those words in a crowded room. He should be eager for the entire world to know how he feels.

Date someone who is proud to be your boyfriend. Someone who doesn’t think they’re settling. Someone who doesn’t think they can do better and keeps an eye out in case another girl comes along.

Date someone who thinks you’re the best choice there is and will work hard to keep your relationship strong, as long as you agree to do the same.

Date someone who is as thankful as you are for every hug, every kiss, and every moment he gets to spend with you.

Date someone who is proud to be your boyfriend — and someone you are proud to call your boyfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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