This Is How To Love A Girl Who Has Seen Divorce

This Is How To Love A Girl Who Has Seen Divorce

She is going to have a hard time trusting you, because she has seen divorce. She has seen two people who swore they loved each other lose that love. She has stood in the corner and watched as a family fell apart.

She has heard the fights, both whispered behind closed doors and screamed between two stories. She has heard the pretty lies told to neighbors about how everything is perfectly fine. She has heard the sobs trying to be held back to appear strong.

She has seen the dirty dishes cluttering up the sink and the laundry thrown at the bottom of the steps to make a point. She has seen the bottles of booze lined up on the dresser and the bong hidden inside the drawers. She has seen one person stuck sleeping on the couch and the other overtaking the bedroom that was once shared.

She has felt nervous inside of her own home. Uncomfortable in the place that’s supposed to be safe.

A girl who has seen divorce has seen the worst shades of love. She has seen the darkest parts of a relationship. She has seen a scene that she never wants to experience herself.

When you love a girl who has seen divorce, you have to be able to handle her trust issues. You have to understand that she is not going to let her guard down right off the bat. She is not going to split open her chest and hand you her beating heart unless you work hard for it.

She will assume that you are going to hurt her until you prove her wrong. She will assume that your relationship is going to end in fire and flames unless you show her that it can be different.

When you love a girl who has seen divorce, you have to deal with her fear of commitment. After seeing what she’s seen, she is going to struggle to believe in true love. She is going to doubt whether monogamy is meant for her.

She is going to fight against her feelings, because she doesn’t want to go through the same horrible things that she has witnessed from afar. She would rather stay alone for life than suffer through the same level of fucked up that she was forced to watch for years.

When you love a girl who has seen divorce, you have to give her good reasons to trust you. You have to keep your word. You have to tell the truth. You have to be reliable. You have to be respectful. You have to be consistent.

When you love a girl who has seen divorce, you have to remind her that you are nothing like her parents or her exes or the friends who cheat in every relationship. You have to make it clear that you have no intention of hurting her. You have to show her that her heart is safe in your hands.

She is not the type to jump headfirst into a relationship, so you have to be serious about treating her right if you expect her to take a chance on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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