This Is Why The Smartest Girls Have Serious Trust Issues

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God & Man

She has trust issues because she relies on her mind as much as her heart. She isn’t the type to blindly listen to her feelings without looking at the situation logically.

If she’s going to give herself to someone, she needs to know that the person is trustworthy. That they aren’t playing around with her. That they aren’t using her.

It might take her a while to open up to you, because she doesn’t gamble. She understands that love is always a risk, but that doesn’t mean that she needs to jump right in. She takes her time. She thinks things over before she makes a move.

And if she decides to give you that chance, if she dubs you her boyfriend, she’s going to pay close attention to your actions. She’s going to notice the little things — and those little things can make her paranoid. If you stay at work late. If you smell like perfume. If you start talking to another girl more. If you start kissing her less.

Maybe those things mean nothing. Maybe she’s overreacting, over-analyzing. Or maybe her suspicions are right and you’re seeing someone else behind her back. Maybe she has a good reason to worry.

Even if you treat her right, even if you give her zero reasons to stress, there’s still going to be a voice in the back of her head that warns her to be careful.


Because she’s trusted before and she’s been hurt before. Because she doesn’t want to be the girl that assumes her relationship is running smoothly, even though everyone else knows that she’s being cheated on.

She doesn’t want to look gullible. Feel stupid.

And she’s not stupid. She doesn’t live under a rock. She’s been around and she’s seen cheaters everywhere. She has family members that cheat. Friends that cheat. Coworkers that cheat. Some of them try to hide it. Some of them actually brag about it. It’s an epidemic. It’s everywhere.

If so many beautiful, talented, intelligent women are being betrayed, then why should she be any different? Why should she assume it isn’t going to happen to her?

She always has her eyes open. She always has her guard up. Just in case. Because it’s better to be too cautious than too careless.

She would rather realize the relationship is doomed early on than waste years with a boy she thought was her forever. She doesn’t agree with the idea that ignorance is bliss. She wants to know who you are. What you are.

So, to be clear, if a smart girl trusts you not to cheat, you better not do it. Because she rarely puts faith in anyone. Because she must truly love you if she handed over her entire heart. And because, if you betray her, she’ll definitely find out about it.

And then you’ll be screwed. Because she’s smart enough to never see your lying ass again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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