Date The Girl Who Never Gave Up On You

Disclaimer: This does not apply to toxic relationships.

Girl who never gave up on you
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Date the girl who gave you another chance when anybody else would have walked away without a glance back. The girl who gave you the opportunity to repair what was broken. The girl who could have anyone else she wanted, but decided that you were the love of her life. You were the only person she would cross the earth to find.

Date the girl who stayed. The girl who chose to work things out with you after an argument instead of doing the easy thing by getting up and leaving. The girl who has always known that your relationship was worth the work, that you were worth the work. The girl who has put effort in since day one, because even back then, she realized that you were going to create something great.

Date the girl who has let you make small mistakes. The girl who accepted your apology because she could tell it was genuine, but made it clear that she wouldn’t put up with the same behavior in the future. The girl who has standards, but has also shifted them for you in the past, because she knew that you were going to make a change. She knew that you deserved another chance.

Date the girl who was patient with you. The girl who understood that it was going to take you some time until you were ready to settle down. The girl who let you move at your own pace, even when she was dying to take the next step with you. The girl who knew that you would be together for a lifetime, so there was no need to rush toward your happily ever after.

Date the girl who believed in you, even back when you had trouble believing in yourself. The girl who kept telling you that you could reach your dreams, that you could achieve what you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little boy — and meant every single word. The girl who pushed you forward, because she knew that you’ve always had what it took to succeed.

Date the girl who tried her hardest to fix what was broken instead of leaving it in pieces. The girl who put her fears aside to do what was best for the both of you. The girl who did whatever she could to keep your relationship strong because she knew that it would be worth it in the end. The girl who was always willing to make compromises, to take risks.

Date the girl who never let you push her away, no matter how hard you tried. The girl who stood by your side, even when you thought you didn’t deserve to hold her hand anymore. The girl who loved you, even when you were difficult to love.

Date the girl who never gave up on you. Who never gave up on your relationship. The girl who has always been there for you — and will continue to be there until death do you part. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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