Girl giving boy a second chance

Fall In Love With The Girl Who Gives You A Second Chance

Fall in love with the girl who gives you a second chance — because she’s not going to give you a third. If you hurt her again, she’s going to walk away without an ounce of guilt because she already tried. She gave you another shot when most people would have said screw you.

It’s not her fault if you mess it up again. So do not mess it up again. Not if you see her worth. Not if you realize that she’s the greatest thing that is ever going to happen to you.

Even though she is strong enough to forgive you, that doesn’t mean she accepts the prior treatment. It doesn’t mean that she’s going to look past it.

She knows what she deserves. She realizes that you only gave her half of what she gave you and that such inequality was total bullshit, but lucky for you, her heart is big enough to believe that you can learn from your mistakes, that you can grow to become better than before.

She isn’t choosing to give you a second chance because she has low self-esteem, low self-worth, and low standards. She is only giving you a second chance because she has strong feelings for you. Because she has hope that you could create a bond that lasts forever.

Don’t be mistaken — her giving you a second chance doesn’t mean she’s allowing history to repeat itself. It doesn’t mean you can go right back to ‘loving’ her the way you did before. It means she’s giving you a chance to do things differently this time. To treat her with the respect she should have gotten from you at the start.

Fall in love with the girl who gives you a second chance, because she doesn’t give up on the people who mean the most to her. She understands that you are going to make mistakes throughout the relationship. She realizes that you are imperfect and so is she. Most importantly, she knows that you have the potential to change.

And, if you want to keep her around, you have to make that change. You have to become the boyfriend she always hoped you would be. Say goodbye to the immaturity you displayed in the past.

Fall in love with the girl who gives you a second chance, because your relationship had so many highs that she’s willing to forget the lows. She’s willing to look past all of the hurt you caused her — as long as you make her one promise. As long as you never hurt her again.

Because if you do, all bets are off. Her love and her kindness is causing her to give you another shot right now, but you aren’t given an unlimited amount of chances. You only have one more.

So don’t waste it. Kiss her like you mean it. Hug her when she needs it. Hold her close and remind her how much you care. Put in effort this time. Give her what she deserves this time.

Fall in love with the girl who gives you a second chance — because she loves you so much that she’s letting you start again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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