This Is The Kind Of Guy That Deserves A Second Chance

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Sometimes, people make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes deserve to be forgiven. Sometimes, that boy actually does deserve a second chance. 

He deserves a second chance if he gives you a genuine apology in person or over the phone, if he says more than a quick I’m sorry. If he doesn’t blame you or his ex or anybody else for doing what he did. If he takes full responsibility for hurting you and sounds like he honestly regrets what he’s done.

He deserves a second chance if he shows you that he’s changed, that he’s ready for a serious relationship with you and is done with the games, done with the back and forth, done with playing the field. If he makes it clear that he’s worked on himself and is ready to accept your love and give love in return.

He deserves a second chance if he doesn’t pressure or guilt you into giving him one. If he doesn’t act like he’s entitled to your love, but is still hoping that you’ll let him back into your life so he can set things right, so he can do what he should have done the first time around.

He deserves a second chance, as long as he’s not going to take advantage of your forgiveness. As long as he’s not going to go right back to doing what made you upset in the first place. As long as he treats you with the respect that you expect.

He deserves a second chance if he looks at you, smiles at you, and kisses you like you’re the only girl that matters in his world. Like he hates himself for all the pain he’s caused. Like your tears are the last thing he ever wants to see.

He deserves a second chance if he swears not to make the same mistakes, if he understands what you need from him and has decided that he can give it to you. If he looks you deep in the eyes and makes promises that you can tell he’s actually going to keep.

He deserves a second chance if the first mistake he made wasn’t unforgivable. If it was something that you’re willing to put in the past and won’t bring up during every future fight. If you’re willing to let go of the problems of yesterday and focus on tomorrow, on what you could be instead of what you were.

He deserves a second chance if you were happier with him than you ever were apart. If most of the time you spent together was filled with laughter, not pain. If you have a gut feeling that you belong with him, if you feel a cosmic pull toward each other that you can’t seem to escape.

He deserves a second chance if you can imagine spending the rest of your life alongside him, if you honestly believe that he isn’t going to do anything to hurt your heart ever again. If you trust him and love him and want him and only him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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