Only Date An Introvert If You Want Love That Lasts A Lifetime

An Introvert
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Only date an introvert if you want a love that lasts a lifetime, because they take relationships seriously. They don’t waste time flirting with people they aren’t actually interested in dating. They don’t set aside time in their cramped schedule to go out with people they can’t picture a future alongside.

When they like you, they like you. When they commit, they commit.

But they aren’t going to put in the effort to keep you if you aren’t what they really want deep down inside.

Introverts stay single for such a long time, because they aren’t interested in dating for the sake of saying they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They aren’t setting out to impress their family and friends and strangers on the internet. They don’t care what their life looks like to other people. All they care about is their own happiness.

That’s why an introvert is not going to dive into a relationship that is toxic. They are not going to sacrifice their alone time (which they actually enjoy) and force themselves out of their comfort zone every weekend to spend time with someone who isn’t right for them.

The only way they are going to agree to go apple picking with someone and to dinner with someone and to the movies with someone is if they genuinly enjoy that person’s company. If they think that they are going to have a good time together.

Introverts are happy with their routine. They can spend a few hours in a crowd, but after that, they like to go back home alone and de-stress. They like their privacy.

It takes someone special to break that routine. It’s not often that they find someone who they want to go home with. Someone who they want to spend lazy Sundays on the couch with and wake up next to on Monday morning.

Introverts are happy on their own. They feel safe on their own. So if they let you inside of their bubble, if they pop that barrier between you and let you in on all of their secrets and idiosyncrasies, then they must see something in you. They must be crazy about you.

Luckily for you, an introvert’s love lasts a lifetime since they don’t fall in love easily. They have had a million from-afar-crushes over their years, but they don’t actually hand their heart over to someone unless they think that there is potential for a real future. Unless they honestly believe that they can trust this person.

If an introvert agrees to date you, you will be surprised by how sweet and thoughtful and creative they can be. They will find a way to turn an evening cuddling on the couch into an exciting event — but they will also agree to go on spontaneous adventures with you, even if they don’t really want to, because they love you so much. Because they care about your happiness. Because they are willing to do anything for you.

Only date an introvert if you want love that lasts a lifetime, because they are going to work their hardest to give it to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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