This Is The Way Introverts Pick Their Person

Emily Broadbank

Introverts start by admiring someone from afar. They will silently watch their crush for weeks or even months before actually initiating a conversation.

They’re spending all of their time trying to determine whether or not that person would be worth the risk — because introverts hate wasting their time. They hate opening up to someone who is only going to leave.

Luckily, introverts never stop thinking, never stop people watching, so they’re skilled at telling when someone is worth their time and when someone is a waste of their time. They’re good judges of character.

Introverts take things slow. They don’t like to talk to strangers, let alone be touched by strangers, so they try to develop a deep connection with the person they’re interested in dating. They aim to form an intellectual or emotional bond before creating a physical one.

Introverts take a while to open up, but once they do, they cling on tightly. They trust you with their whole hearts and love you with their whole souls.

Introverts feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts on paper than in person, which is why they need someone who will send them good morning texts before they even wake up. Someone who will ask them about their work day during their train commute home.

Introverts need someone who reaches out to them, who isn’t afraid to send the first message or ask the first question. Someone who is willing to take the lead when it comes to saying, I miss you and I love you.

Introverts are old souls. They want to spend their free time reading or napping or walking their dogs. They aren’t involved in the party scene. They prefer old fashioned dates with milkshakes and drive-in movies.

Introverts want someone similar to them. Someone who is happy to spend the night inside cuddling on the couch instead of searching for a packed bar to get wasted. Someone who values quality time with a loved one over the chance to mingle with strangers.

Introverts only date people they feel comfortable around. People that they don’t feel awkward taking on a first date. People that they can sit side-by-side with in silence.

Introverts are gifted. Good listeners. Good girlfriends.

If an introvert falls in love with you, you can consider yourself lucky. They are going to expand your mind by teaching you something new each day.

They are going to make you feel loved with their kind, giving nature.

And they dislike most people, which means they aren’t going to leave you for someone else. They’re going to appreciate that they’ve found you, someone they can truly say that they love.

Introverts are not the kind to settle. They enjoy being alone, so they don’t feel pressured to enter into a relationship. They don’t put themselves into toxic situations just so they can feel like they fit in.

Introverts only enter into serious relationships once they’ve found someone special. Once they’ve found their forever person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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