Strong Girls Are Comfortable Spending Time Alone

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She is comfortable alone, because too much socializing tires her out. She has never been the kind of girl to hop from bar to bar, to party until two in the morning and wake up each day with a hangover. She needs time to recharge in between social interactions.

She is comfortable alone, because she enjoys having time to herself, time to relax, time to decompress after a long day. She cherishes those rare moments of silence, when she can read or write or get some extra rest.

She is comfortable alone, because she understands that everyone has their own life. That her friends can’t hang out with her 24/7 and that sometimes her parents have better things to do than answer her calls. She knows that the world doesn’t revolve around her, that she can’t expect constant attention.

She is comfortable alone, because she has been in toxic relationships before. She knows what it’s like to stay with someone due to fear of the alternative, of feeling lost and lonely. And she knows how dangerous that can be, how quickly it could destroy her happiness.

She is comfortable alone, because she has grown used to it. Ever since she was a child, she spent time in her room, playing with toys by herself. She found ways to keep herself occupied as the adults talked in the kitchen. She’s familiar with the feeling of solidarity.

She is comfortable alone, because she knows that it’s okay to leave the house by herself. She isn’t embarrassed about going to the movies alone or eating at a table for one. If no one is free to hang out with her, she won’t let that stop her from going out. She’ll do what she wants to do solo.

She is comfortable alone, because she knows how to take care of herself. She’s independent enough to live on her own, to drive to an appointment on her own, to pay the rent on her own. She can survive without anyone else’s assistance.

She is comfortable alone, because she is secure with herself. She doesn’t need other people around to distract her from reality, to take her mind off of her problems. She is happy with the person she has become, which is why she doesn’t have a problem inside empty rooms.

She is comfortable alone, because she understands that how often she sees someone has nothing to do with how much they care about her. She knows that some friends are too busy to talk to her every single day, but that they still love her. That they would kill for her if they had to.

She is comfortable alone, because she knows that she could connect with others with the click of a button. That she has friends and family members she could text at any time if something went wrong. That they would answer her in a heartbeat.

She is comfortable alone, because there’s nothing wrong with being alone — and she’s strong enough to realize that. TC mark


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