Girls Who Were Single All Through High School Actually End Up Being The Best Girlfriends

Single Girls
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She is such a great girlfriend, because she has always taken relationships seriously. She never experienced dating as a tween, where she called someone her boyfriend for a week and then broke up with him the next week. She has never told another person she loved him before she knew what love really felt like.

To her, I love you is a serious phrase. She refuses to toss it around. She will only say it if she’s sure she means it — and even then, it will probably take her a while to work up the courage to speak it aloud.

She is such a great girlfriend, because serious relationships are rare for her, so when she finds someone who she believes is worthy of her time and attention, she isn’t going to screw it up. She is going to put in all of her effort. She is going to try her hardest to keep the relationship healthy.

She has nothing against one-night stands and friends with benefits — but she stays away from them if she can. She would rather put her energy into someone who feels the same way about her. She doesn’t want to fall for someone and have a one-sided, unrequited love. She experienced enough of that in high school. Now that she’s older, her standards are higher. Her tolerance for fuckboys is lower.

She is such a great girlfriend, even though she hasn’t had all that much practice, because she has seen other relationships unfold in front of her. For years, she has been the person her friends ran to for relationship advice. The person who heard all the dirty details about the dumb thing someone’s boyfriend did or did not do.

Since she has been a listener for so long, she has learned some things. She knows the red flags by now. She knows what a toxic relationship feels like. She knows how to avoid them.

Even though she was single all throughout high school, even though she might have even felt out of place back then, it is what makes her such a great catch today.

Being single during the time when everyone acted like having a boyfriend was the most important thing in the world taught her to cultivate her independence. It took strength to attend prom without a date. It took courage to walk the halls without holding someone else’s hand.

Even though there were days when she felt weak, when she wished that someone — anyone — had a crush on her, she made it through with her head held high. She survived high school without a boy to help her.

Those single days gave her the chance to think about what she really wanted from a relationship.

It gave her the ability to love herself, even when she felt alone.

It gave her the time to focus on more important things and to mature into a responsible adult.

It gave her the freedom to grow into the kind of person any guy would be lucky to date now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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