17 Things You Should Know Before Handing Your Heart To A Strong Girl

A strong girl with her boyfriend
Unsplash / Fernando Brasil

1. She is not going to put up with your bullshit. Your days of ignoring texts and canceling plans are in your past. She refuses to deal with toxic behavior because she knows she deserves more.

2. She needs her space. She needs alone time. You will be a huge part of her world — but you will never be her entire world.

3. Even though she is strong, she still experiences moments of vulnerability. During those times, she wants your shoulder to lean on, she wants to know that you are there for her and aren’t going anywhere.

4. She expects you to put in as much effort as she does. That means taking turns doing the dishes, walking the dog, and paying for dinners.

5. Even though she is strong and independent, even though she is completely fine on her own, she still wants to be spoiled on occasion. She still wants you to show your mushy side with chocolates and rose petals and rom-com movie moments.

6. She will respect your relationship. That means she will never cheat on you or betray you. She will never do anything she knows you would be uncomfortable with finding out about.

7. She values her friendships, so she will not ditch the people who matter the most to her just because she is in a relationship. She will always keep them close.

8. One of the reasons why she is so strong is because she has been through pain before. She has had her heart broken before. So she might want to take things slow. She might have trust issues. She might take a while to open up to you.

9. Sometimes, she won’t want your help. She will want to solve her problems on her own and will just want you there for support.

10. She is smart enough to see through your lies and poke holes in your twisted stories. If you want to stay with her, you can’t make excuses. You need to tell her the truth. No exceptions.

11. She will give you the freedom to hang out with your friends and have your own hobbies. She won’t be jealous or suspicious unless you give her a good reason to be.

12. She might pretend that she is fine when she is the opposite, because she wants to continue looking strong. She doesn’t want to show her fragile side.

13. But if something is really bothering her, she is brave enough to speak her mind, to stand up for herself. If you do something unforgivable, she is going to confront you.

14. She doesn’t need your approval to feel good about herself. She already knows she’s strong and intelligent and sexy. But it doesn’t hurt to hear you say it every once in a while. It’s nice to be reminded that you agree.

15. She refuses to sacrifice her dreams for a relationship. She knows that it is possible to have a career and a love life — so she wants a boyfriend who will encourage her to pursue her passions.

16. She has so much love to give, and if you treat her right, she will do everything within her power to keep you happy. To keep your relationship alive and thriving.

17. But if you keep hurting her, she is not going to give you a third and fourth and fifth chance. She is going to walk away. Even if she loves you, she is going to do what is best for herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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