This Is What Being Vulnerable Actually Means, Because It Has Nothing To Do With Weakness

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Vulnerability means you fall easily. You see the best in people. You love them over the little things — the way their smile tilts and the intensity of their stare. You get attached easily, because you give yourself the freedom to feel.

Vulnerability means you’re comfortable opening up to other people. You’re willing to look someone in the eyes and spill your soul. You want others to know the authentic you instead of forcing a fake smile every time you enter the public eye.

Vulnerability means your mood can change in an instant. Seeing one sentence on social media can cause your heart to drop. It can ruin your entire day. Make you re-think everything you thought you knew about a person.

Vulnerability means you care deeply about things. You don’t want to lose what you have, because you love what you have. You love your life — or at least certain pieces of it. And you aren’t willing to loosen your grasp on them.

Vulnerability means that you’re willing to jump headfirst into love. You’re willing to give someone half your heart. To give them the power to destroy you or rebuild you.

Vulnerability means you’re comfortable crying over the things that upset you instead of pushing away all of your emotions. You’re the type of person that grabs a tissue and lets the tears fall instead of replacing your sadness with anger. You admit when you’re upset instead of trying to put on an act and appear strong when you’re secretly crumbling.

Vulnerability means you have nothing to hide. The people closest to you know about your dreams, your hopes, your fears. They know who you really are. You’ve given them permission to dig deep inside of yourself.

Vulnerability means you have a clear understanding of who you are as a person. You realize you’re not indestructible. You’re not superhuman. You’re mortal and full of flaws — but you’re still beautiful.

Vulnerability means having love for people you’ve never met. Realizing that you’re in communion with strangers across the globe. That you’re all connected because you share common thoughts and beliefs. That you’re not so alone after all.

Vulnerability means you have doubts. You think so highly of other people, of your friends and coworkers and parents, that you can’t stop yourself from comparing. It doesn’t mean you hate yourself — but it does mean that you see places where you can make improvements and try your hardest to do so.

Vulnerability means you admit when you’re wrong. You don’t pretend to know everything. You realize that you have a lot left to learn, and that there are so many people out there that can teach you more about the universe.

Vulnerability means having a huge heart. Caring about others. Wanting what’s best for the world.

Vulnerability means you’re human — so don’t you ever feel bad about shedding a single tear. About admitting that no, you’re not fine. About letting the truth out instead of spreading pretty lies.

Be proud of your vulnerability, because it’s what makes you so exceptional. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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