12 Signs You Have An Old Soul But Are Still Young At Heart

Girl with an old soul
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1. You have read a ton of YA fiction. Like any old soul, you have shelves filled with books — but they aren’t all thrillers and romance novels. To be completely honest, your dream day includes sitting in a cozy apartment, curled up with a copy of a John Green or J.K. Rowling novel.

2. You decorate your house with your own creations. You crochet blankets. You paint landscapes. You arrange flowers. Those decorations all have an old soul feel to them, but when you’re in the process of actually making them, you’re like a kid having fun with their arts and crafts.

3. Your clothing is a mix of old and young. You wear a lot of vintage dresses and oversized sweaters. But sometimes, those sweaters have a picture of Mickey Mouse on them.

4. You cook Pinterest styled meals. The old soul inside of you loves to bake and loves to cook. But the kid in you is the reason why your cookies are in the shape of farm animals and your cupcakes are topped with galaxy colored icing.

5. You love shopping for other people. You’re not sure whether you have more fun picking out holiday presents for your grandmother or for your niece. Whether you prefer looking through knickknacks or looking down the toy aisle.

6. You are a big fan of weddings. It seems like something an old soul would like because of the flowers and the candles and the romantic ceremony. But really, like a kid, you just love having the chance to play dress up.

7. You watch a wide range of movies. Instead of going out on a Saturday night, you would rather snuggle with your person on the couch and watch a film. The old soul in you wants to watch something mature, something with depth, something that can spark a serious discussion. But the kid inside of you still gets excited for Hocus Pocus on Disney Channel every year.

8. Your dinner parties always involve boardgames. You set the table with decorative cloths and pour wine for your guests. But you also get out the boardgames like Pictionary and Clue and Charades. It’s not a party without a little friendly competition.

9. You prefer dates that are carefree and educational. You want to go to a museum. You want to take a tour of a winery. You want to learn something while still having fun.

10. You love babies. You have never been comfortable around people your own age, because you’ve felt like you were years ahead of them. But for some reason, you love spending time with children. They are so much fun to be around.

11. Christmas is your favorite holiday. Maybe it’s because you like the quaint lights draped across houses and the melodic music that floats through the radio. Or maybe it’s because you never really grew up.

12. You are a huge jokester. People who only know you from work and school think that you are serious all of the time, because you behave yourself in public. But when you are alone with your best friend or boyfriend, you act like a complete maniac. You never take anything seriously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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