Yes, She Is Sensitive — But That’s What Makes Her Such A Great Catch

a sensitive girl
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She gets upset when you take too long to answer her texts. When you decide to look at what she’s written and ignore her for a few hours instead of bothering to type a message back.

She gets upset when you cancel plans with her at the last second. When you get her hopes up by promising her to hang out and then disappoint her yet again.

She gets upset when you open up her snaps and forget to reply. When you flirt with her one day and go MIA the next day. When you tell her you miss her but that you’re too busy to meet up with her.

Can you really blame her for getting upset over those things? They might seem small, insignificant, but they show where your priorities lie. They prove how little you care about her.

Some people call her sensitive. They accuse her of overthinking, of overreacting, of being overemotional. But she can’t help that she’s in touch with her emotions. That she’s open and honest about how she feels.

She is someone who reads into every word and every action. She pays close attention to the way others react to her, because she wants to know where they stand. She wants to know if they look at her like a treasure or a throwaway.

Even though some people criticize her for the way she acts, for the way that she cares too much, her sensitivity is what makes her such a great catch. It’s the reason why she is so softhearted, tender, sentimental.

She has a huge heart. When she develops a connection with someone, she would do anything for them. She would defend them against any person, she would help them through any struggle.

She treats the ones she cares about with the upmost respect. She would give anything to you if you asked. She would sacrifice so much to make you happy.

Of course, her kindness comes with a cost. Sometimes, she will accuse you of using a nasty tone, even though you weren’t trying to be mean. Sometimes, she will cry when you’re having a serious conversation with her about your relationship problems. Sometimes, she will get insecure and repeatedly ask you if you still want to be with her.

But those rough moments will be worth it, because at the end of the day, she will treat you right. She will hold you close and take care of you. She will remind you how much you mean to her every single day.

She knows how much it hurts to feel like a second choice, so she will never neglect you. She will offer you all of her affection. She will try hard to make you happy, because she knows you deserve that much.

Yes, she is going to get upset when you treat her like a second choice. Yes, she is going to hold you to a certain standard.

Yes, she is going to come across as sensitive. But that is what makes her such a great catch. That is why you would be lucky to call her your girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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