Overthinking Is Actually A Good Thing

Disclaimer: This article refers to general overthinking, not to anxiety (which totally sucks).

It sucks to stay up until 2 AM, worrying about what’s going to happen the next day. It sucks to check and recheck your bag to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything important. It sucks to spend all of your time stressing instead of living.

But, honestly, your overthinking isn’t all bad.

You’re the type of person that is always prepared. No matter what life throws at you, you find a way to handle it.

You have the entire world packed inside of your purse. Tissues, safety pins, hand sanitizer, granola bars — you lug around anything that could possibly come in handy. You’re the mom of your group, the person that can always be relied on, the person that always saves the day.

You’re the friend everyone wishes they had. If someone asks you for advice, you don’t tell them the first thing that pops into your head, the words that you think they want to hear. You actually take a second to step into their shoes, to try to figure out what the right move would be.

Your friends love you, because you actually give a shit about solving their problems. Your parents love you, because you always answer their calls. Your pet loves you, because you always give them their meals on time.

And your boss loves you, because you never show up late. You leave your house early enough to prepare for traffic, for road work, for any inconvenience that could arise. You think ahead.

You have the potential to make it far with your career, because you go the extra mile. You do things that most people would be too lazy to do. You put in additional effort.

You ace interviews, because you spend the entire night before thinking about the questions that could be asked and answering them inside of your head. You ace tests, because you spend hours upon hours studying. You try your hardest to succeed at everything you do.

You’re talented when it comes to managing time. You pick out your outfits and plan your meals the night before a big day, which saves you an hour in the morning. You put gas in your car far before it reaches empty, so you never break down. You’re on top of your shit.

Your overthinking has turned you into someone responsible, someone that has a good head on their shoulders, someone that knows what they’re doing.

There’s not much that surprises you in life, because you’re prepared for any potential situation. You’ve considered of all of the angles. You’ve thought everything through.

As long as you don’t go overboard with your overthinking, running the same scenarios through your head on a loop until you hyperventilate, then maybe those thoughts are okay.

Sometimes your overthinking stresses you out, but sometimes, it saves you. Sometimes, it’s actually a good thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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