This Is Why You Should Date The Girl That Texts Back Fast

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Believe it or not, she has a life. She isn’t sitting there, waiting for you to text her, because she has stuff to do. She’s busy AF.

So if she takes the time to text you back, even though she has a million other things get done that day, it means that she likes you. That she’s willing to put in effort to keep you in her life.

It would be easy for her to come up with excuses, to say sorry, but she’s been super stressed with work and school and chores. Sorry, but she doesn’t have enough time to type a two-sentence text.

But she doesn’t do that, because she actually gives a shit about you.

There are plenty of people that she’s snubbing right this second, people that have been waiting to hear back from her for days, but you aren’t one of them, because she’s making you a priority. Putting you first.

That’s why she texts you back whenever she has a spare minute. Because she believes that you deserve an answer. Because she doesn’t want you to feel like you’re being ignored, like you don’t matter to her.

And, more than that, she wants to talk to you. She wants you to be a part of her world.

You need to stop assuming that she’s clingy or desperate or psycho and appreciate the fact that she’s paying attention to you. That she’s being authentic instead of playing games.

You should admire that she has the courage to do what other people hesitate to do. That she is in touch with her emotions and does what her heart tells her to do.

Date the girl that texts you back fast, because she doesn’t have time to waste. If she has something to say to you, she’s going to say it. She’s not going to wait until the perfect moment. She’s not going to stare at the clock and wait a full hour to respond to you to look cool.

She’s going to message you during her work break, as soon as she’s free to text. She’s going to stay up later than she should to keep the conversation going, even though she has to wake up early the next day.

She’s going to text you as much as she can, and as quickly as she can, because she wants to soak up the seconds with you. She wants to learn as much about you as she can. She wants to become an important part of your life.

Date the girl that texts you back fast, because there are plenty of other things that she could be spending her time doing, but she’s choosing to text you. She’s choosing youThought Catalog Logo Mark

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