The Whole Truth About What Girls Want From A Relationship

couple in bed
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Girls want a cuddle buddy. Someone who will show them affection, even when they’re surrounded by other people. Someone who never gets embarrassed about holding their hand or kissing their forehead or saying I love you in public. 

Girls want a nurturer. Someone who will warm up soup for them when they’re sick and pick up their tampons from the grocery store. Someone who will tuck them into bed when they’re drunk and give them Gatorade when they’re hungover.

Girls want a gentleman. Someone who will hold open doors for them and offer a jacket in the cold. Someone who will text them to make sure they got home safe and tell them how beautiful they look.

Girls want a bad boy. Someone who will pull their hair and grab their butt. Someone who can make them feel like the single sexiest woman in the world.

Girls want a confidant. Someone they can feel comfortable talking to about their darkest issues, their most painful problems. Someone who will never turn away from them, even when there are tears sparkling in their eyes and mascara smeared across their cheeks. 

Girls want a cheerleader. Someone who will support all of their wild dreams. Someone who will encourage them to follow their heart and remind them that they have what it takes to make it.

Girls want an equal. Someone who will volunteer to do laundry. Someone who will help them with the dishes. Someone who will offer to pay the bill during one meal and let them pay the bill during the next one. 

Girls want a romantic. Someone who gives them chocolates or flowers for no reason at all. Someone who helps them plan vacations and cook dinners so they don’t have to do it alone.

Girls want a best friend. Someone who can make them laugh, even during the worst days of their lives. Someone who memorizes the little details about them, from their favorite candle scent to their favorite Starburst flavor.  

Girls want eye candy. Someone who turns them on with a hug from behind and a kiss on the neck. Someone who can get them in the mood with just the sound of his voice. 

Girls want a partner in crime. Someone who will do stupid shit with them, just for the fun of it. Someone who is always willing to go on spontaneous adventures together.

Girls want a good listener. Someone they can call up at two in the morning after having a bad dream. Someone they can rely on to be there, no matter when or why.

Girls want a fighter. Someone who won’t give up on the relationship after a small argument. Someone who will stick by their side and try his damnedest to make them happy.

Girls want a forever person. Someone who will commit to them. Someone who will be there through thick and thin, through the easy times and the rough times. Someone whose biggest dream is to stay with them forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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