Girls Who Love Themselves Have The Hardest Time Finding A Boyfriend

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She has a hard time finding a boyfriend, because she’s not going to settle for the first person that comes along. There are plenty of people who are interested in her, who would jump at the chance to take her out to dinner and press their lips against hers, but she doesn’t want just anyone. She wants the one.

Some people call her picky, but really, she just has high standards. She knows the kind of love that she deserves. She realizes that happiness isn’t going to come the second she goes from single to in a relationship.

That’s why she isn’t going to spend time with toxic boys who try to control her or manipulate her. She isn’t going to waste her hours hoping to figure out what he means in his text, if he cares more than he lets on.

She understands that there’s more to the world than relationships. She finds fulfillment within her work, her hobbies, her adventures, her friends.

She has so much love in her life, even without a boyfriend.

She doesn’t need some guy to tell her that she looks pretty in order to feel confident. She doesn’t need his encouragement in order to feel strong.

She’s fine on her own. Better than fine. She’s thriving.

She’s not single because she’s unattractive or intimidating or dull. She’s single, because she chose to be. She chose to continue on her own instead of grabbing the hand of the first boy she found.

She has too much self-respect to date beneath herself. She wants someone that matches her on an intellectual level, someone that she finds attractive but also someone that she can have a real conversation with, someone that will talk about the deep things and not just the easy things.

She’s holding out for something sensational. She doesn’t care how long she has to wait until that comes along. She’s patient. She can handle a few more weeks, months, or years on her own.

She’s never had a problem with being by herself before, and that’s never going to change. She’s comfortable with herself, with her thoughts, with her silence.

Sure, she would love to find her forever person, but until then, she isn’t going to complain. She has nothing to whine about. Life is good.

The only reason has a hard time finding a boyfriend is because she knows that she doesn’t need a boyfriend. In her mind, there’s no pressure to jump into a relationship.

She’s going to wait until she finds the kind of boy she really wants instead of pretending he’s already in front of her, instead of dating someone just for the sake of dating.

Girls who love themselves have a hard time finding a boyfriend — but that’s okay, because they really don’t care how long they’re single. They’re enjoying life either way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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