I Thought I Was An Atheist Before I Started Writing My Vows To You

And this is what I said to you on our wedding day.
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Torben Röhricht

I was an atheist before I met you.
Kneeling on bar stools for church,
lighting candles for everyone
but myself, praying for something
I didn’t believe in.

Now I am searching for God
between the dips of your shoulders.
I am finding heaven
between the folds of your skin.

Baby, I am a fool for the hitch in your breath.
I am a fool for the back of your knees.

Here is the rest of my life stretched six-feet over my bedsheets
and his laugh sounds like angels fucking on a cloud
and he smells like sunlight after a long, night’s sleep
and when we kiss it is the sky on fire.

Shit, have my stupid poetry, have my palms, forgive me
for taking it so long to find you.
How long have you waited for this miracle?

How many times have you worshipped
my hips without them swaying?
How many times have I fucked up
with you following me still?

I am a fool for he who sees the goddess in me.
So there you are. The man who will die for my sins
before I have even committed them.

And here, here, beneath your ribs
is where I have finally learned
to believe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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