20 Über Romantic Tips For Giving Her The Fairy Tale Kiss She’s Been Craving

Ángela Burón
Ángela Burón

1. You can’t kiss for hours without taking a break to breathe. So every so often, pull apart just a tiny bit, so you can look her deep in the eyes.

2. During that pause, rest your forehead against her forehead.

3. Then whisper something sweet, about how stunning her smile looks or about how sweet her lips taste.

4. Play with a strand of her hair. Stroke her hair. Push a piece of hair back behind her ear.

5. For an added touch, grab her hand and place it over your heart. Let her see how fast it’s beating, so she knows how excited she makes you.

6. Touch her face. Outline her lips with your fingers. Caress her cheeks with your palm. Make tender, gentle movements that’ll make her feel like she’s in the middle of a romcom.

7. Talk to her in between kisses. There’s nothing more adorable than hearing the words, “I love you” piecemeal, one word in between every kiss.

8. Of course, you should kiss more than just her lips. Kiss her forehead, her cheek, and especially her neck.

9. Hold her hand. When you’re in the middle of a tender kiss, run your thumb over her skin. When the kiss deepens, squeeze her hand.

10. Let tiny little moans fall from your lips. Don’t hold them inside, because they’re bound to turn her on.

11. Of course, before you even go in for the first kiss, make sure your breath is fresh and your lips are ChapStick smooth.

12. You should also make sure your beard’s at the right length. If it’s too scratchy, the kiss will be more painful than pleasurable for her.

13. Keep in mind that if you apply the right cologne, you won’t even have to be the one to initiate the kiss. She’ll be all over you.

14. Move your hands to her waist. Or, if you know she’s completely comfortable with you, rest them on her ass.

15. Be patient. Don’t shove your tongue down her throat right away. Start by giving her tiny pecks, then move up to soft kisses, and then you can finally go for that French kiss you’ve been waiting for.

16. If something awkward happens, like if your teeth clash or your noses bump, let out a laugh and make a joke about it. Don’t let her feel embarrassed, even for a second.

17. Experiment. Try nibbling on her lips and sucking on her lips. Then move onto kissing her ear and try nibbling and sucking on the lobe.

18. Hug her as you kiss her. Basically, you should keep your arms wrapped tightly around her back as your lips meet, so she feels enveloped by you.

19. Compliment her kissing skills. Let her know you’re enjoying the feel of her lips, because she’s definitely wondering what you’re thinking.

20. If you want to turn the kiss into something more, then press your body up against hers, so she can feel your boner. That should make your intentions pretty clear. Then she can decide whether she wants to take things a step further or continue the make-out session. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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