The Rom Com You Should Watch This Valentine’s Day 2024, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Need inspiration for what to watch this Valentine’s Day? Look for your (and your date’s) zodiac sign for the perfect movie recommendation and where to stream it.

Get your popcorn and chocolates ready–and maybe someone to kiss–because we’ve got recommendations for your perfect rom com based on your zodiac sign. You could even make it a double feature if you’re watching these with a date. For this Valentine’s Day’s romantic comedy list, we’ve got a mix of newer movies and old favorites, all you can stream at home.

Aries: Safe Haven (2013)

Relativity Media

When Katie’s on the run and needs a safe haven (“omg, she said the title of the movie”), she winds up in a small coastal town in North Carolina. She can save herself just fine, but it doesn’t hurt that hot single dad Alex wants to help. I may or may not have put this on the list because it’s one of my favorites as an Aries. Just trust me on this one, okay? Watch Safe Haven on Prime Video.

Taurus: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

IFC Films

Toula’s life isn’t quite going as planned, so rather than waiting for fate to help, she takes matters into her own hands. Her self-imposed glow-up lands her the perfect guy. All they have to do is get through the wedding, relatively (pun intended) drama-free. This is perfect for a Taurus who loves family and hates change. Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Max.

Gemini: Sliding Doors (1998)

Paramount Pictures

You certainly love a good “what if,” and this hidden gem is a stellar choice. The universe splits in two. In one reality, Helen makes her morning train to work. In the other, she misses it as the doors slide shut in front of her. It shows just how different your life can be because of one tiny, seemingly meaningless moment. (Get ready to unsuccessfully hold back a torrent of tears.) Watch Sliding Doors on Peacock and FreeVee.

Cancer: Good Grief (2024)


Cancers love a good cry, right? For the most emotional sign in the zodiac, I give you Dan Levy’s brand new movie, Good Grief. Marc loses his husband unexpectedly and must struggle with a year of grief, betrayal, and tense friendships. There’s something for everyone, including those who struggle with loneliness. Watch Good Grief on Netflix.

Leo: She’s All That (1999)

Miramax Films

Laney Boggs is–gulp–an artist. Who wears glasses. AKA, she’s hideous. But when Zack Siler, the most popular guy in school, takes her under his wing to make her hot in time for prom, she’s about to get the glow-up to end all glow-ups. Watch this so you can live your makeover montage fantasies. Watch She’s All That on Netflix and Paramount+.

Virgo: Happiness for Beginners (2023)


Virgos have a hard time getting out of their to-do list and into an adventure, so live vicariously through Helen. Her life is stalled, so she joins a month-long hike through the wilderness. When her brother’s best friend joins, she’ll have to confront her past, too. The odds are very high that you’ll impulse-buy hiking boots when you’re done watching this. Watch Happiness for Beginners on Netflix.

Libra: Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Universal Pictures

Will’s daughter wants to hear about how he and her mom met, so he tells the stories of several past relationships–how they won each others hearts and how they crashed and burned. It’s sweet and heartfelt and the perfect salve for a relationship-loving, soft-hearted Libra. Watch Definitely, Maybe on Max.

Scorpio: The Hating Game (2021)

Vertical Entertainment

There’s nothing quite like an enemies-to-lovers story arc to get you all worked up on Valentine’s Day. Case in point, co-executive assistants Lucy and Josh. They have to look at each others stupid faces every day at work, but when a chance encounter on the elevator changes everything, they no longer know how to keep up with their self-imposed “hating game.” (“Omg, she said the title of the movie again.”) Watch The Hating Game on Hulu.

Sagittarius: The Lost City (2022)

Paramount Pictures

An adventure rom com for everyone’s favorite adventurous zodiac sign. Loretta just writes adventure romance novels from the comfort of her home, but when a billionaire abducts her and sends her on a quest to find treasure, her cover model is set on rescuing her. Are you Sandra Bullock or Channing Tatum? Watch The Lost City on Prime Video and Paramount+.

Capricorn: The Half of It (2020)


Ellie agrees to write love letters for Paul so he can sound extra romantic to his crush, Aster. Unfortunately Ellie ends up falling for his crush, too, which only makes things harder since they’re becoming good friends with both of them. Of everyone on this list, you’re most likely to put yourself in Ellie’s position, much to your detriment. (And everyone else’s amusement.) Watch The Half of It on Netflix.

Aquarius: Self Reliance (2024)


You’re not the most romantic person in the world, but you do love a good thought experiment. Enter Jake Johnson’s new film, where he’s asked to star in a dark web reality show. He’s being hunted for one month, and the only way to survive is to always be around someone. Maybe Maddy could be the person he spends time with? Watch Self Reliance on Hulu.

Pisces: Love, Rosie (2015)


You know what it’s like to pine for someone for years, so you’ll relate to best friends Rosie and Alex. They’ve been besties since they were kids. Just friends. No hidden love whatsoever. Nope. Okay, who am I kidding? They’re perfect for each other. It just takes time for everyone to be on the same page sometimes. Nothing hits quite like a friends-to-lovers story arc. Watch Love, Rosie on Paramount+.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you crazy kids.

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