19 People Talk About Their Ridiculously Incompetent Coworkers And Wonder How The Hell They Were Hired


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1. I used to work at Mcdonalds during high school and college and I’ve worked with plenty of incompetent people. I think one of the best was when we were training this one genius how to flip the burgers. He constantly rested his hand on the grill until he burned the entire side of his hand and had a massive blister. He blamed us for not training him well enough.


2. While working at McDonalds, a friend of mine jokingly threw a towel across the kitchen, it landed in the fryer, and seeing a manager walking back, he instinctively grabbed it right out. Surprisingly he didn’t have crazy burns on his hand. He was fired a few weeks later for “kicking a fellow employee in the testicles” during a mystery shop. Which anyone who has worked in a franchise, those things are gold for store ratings.


3. I work in television, and we once hired a camera man who couldn’t use a camera. He was hired based on his previous experience but I have no idea how he got those jobs either. He came back to the office with a commercial shoot once that was completely blue because he got flustered and forgot how to do a white balance. Once while filming on a green screen he decided to do a Dutch tilt. He crashed the work car twice and would never take lights with him on a shoot because they were too heavy. Thankfully he only lasted three months.


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