Here’s What Kind of Husband He’ll Be, Based On His Birth Month

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Your January husband is going to be super fun. People born in January are those type of guys that love to laugh and be goofy. Your fights will probably center around this because you want him to take you seriously every now and then. Really though, this is far better than the alternative where you have a dude that doesn’t know how to take a joke. People born in January are also really considerate so you can rest assured that your feelings will be taken into account before any decisions are made. Lucky, lucky you.


Obviously, the Feb Men are hopeless romantics since their birthday falls in the month of love. Your husband will never fail to charm your pants off. The times this will get tricky is when his natural charm gets passed off as flirting when you two go out. No worries though, he knows how to make sure you feel special at the end of the day.


March men are the Brainiacs. They are all about speed reading, mental math (put your calculator away), trivia playing, and everything in between. You have found yourself a scholar and a networking pro. Parents love him, authority figures love him. The only time you don’t love him is when you feel like he’s outshining your every move. No worries though, it’s far better to partner up with a man who has ambition.


April husbands care about the details. They want perfection in any area that they deem it possible. This means that while you’ll have to put up with some frustration every now and then when he gets everything the way he wants it to be, you will be in absolute heaven. Things will go smoothly, and you will barely have to lift a finger. April husbands are also firm believers that you should never have to choose between quantity and quality, which is an awesome mentality to be married to.


If you married a May-man, you married an itinerary-maker. You also married one of those people who think five miles is walking distance. He’s super adventurous, but in a well thought out way. It’s like the best of both worlds. He will take you places you’ve never been before, and really knows his stuff. Your main issue at hand is going to be trying to keep up!


The June men love their extremes. You will either have great low-key movie nights or be hitting the town well into your adulthood. June men are great to marry because they know how to keep more than just the spark alive. Extremities have their downfalls for sure, but you know you love him for it anyway.


July men are the type to be pretty good at everything, but love is where they are the absolute best. Something about being born in July just makes them a natural at knowing how to love unconditionally. They will never fail to make you smile, even when the bills are piled high, and everything seems hopeless. Marrying a July man is such a wonderful thing to do because you will find happiness in and around them for the rest of your life.


August men are extremely stubborn, but wise as hell. They will debate you until the cows come home and then prove their point some more. They have huge hearts underneath their tough demeanor, making them amazing one-of-a-kind husbands. The August husband shows up where it counts. Maybe you won’t have a camera roll full of pictures where they’ve romanced you, but the ways they show their love are far too priceless to capture on a cell phone.


Your September husband is the type to leave plane tickets in a surprising spot and whisk you away at the last minute. They overthink the little things but know how to let go and enjoy the big moments in life. They will be gentle when you need it most, and tough when times call for it. September men think with their hearts. This gets them into trouble from time to time, but you know they will always put you first.


Your autumn born hubby is one hell of a conversationalist. They have quick wit, great advice, and can communicatively finesse their way out of pretty much anything. What’s great is that they can make you swoon with just their words. What sucks is that if you ever try to tell them why they made you mad, you will end up forgetting all about it and laughing at their jokes by the end of the conversation.


November-born men are the kings of grand gestures. It’s like someone handed them a manual on how to woo you and they treat it as their bible. They are also super creative and outgoing. This is a pleasantly dangerous combination. So basically, you will run into trouble because you can’t get mad at him for leaving the toilet seat up when he cooked you a romantic dinner and made you a homemade gift. It’s not the worst problem to have.


December men are the most relaxed people you will ever meet. You will fall in love a little bit more every day when you see them keep their calm during chaos. They are your rock in an unsteady world and give you some perspective on things that won’t matter in the long run. Marrying a man born in December guarantees that you will have a partner to hold you up when the going gets tough, and one who knows when to calm you in the gentlest of ways. TC mark

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