27 Real Honeymoon Sex Stories From Men And Women Who Stayed Virgins Until Marriage

via twenty20/jullymalynovska
via twenty20/jullymalynovska


“We were both pretty giddy and a bit nervous. She made me wait in the bedroom while she got changed. She came out wearing bright red footie-pajamas. It broke the tension and we proceeded to have sex twice. I was nervous so I lasted longer than I do now. Then we went to Wendy’s and ordered chicken nuggets. It was a good night.”


“Well, we found out about her mild LATEX ALLERGY! No joke. Also, no one told my wife to pee after sex, so we got to go to the ER on our honeymoon for a kidney infection.

Other than that, it was super duper.”


“It was totally awesome.

The day was total crap. Got married in the middle of winter. Everyone in the wedding party, her parents, my parents, and most of our guests all had the stomach flu. I’m talking stuff out both ends every twenty minutes, can’t even keep down medicine, headache, backache, the whole works. It was like my insides had been invaded by a demonic poo-flinging chimp with a chestburster sidekick. I was sure I’d end up in the hospital. I didn’t though, and we made it through the ceremony with the bag in my pocket unused. God, she was beautiful.

So we were both sick and weren’t really sure if it was even going to happen. But it did, and it was awesome. It was awkward too, and that really didn’t matter to us. It didn’t need to be perfect, you know? We were happy because we had gotten through that terrible day and were going to be together for a good long time, and it was only going to get better from there.”


“Our wedding night was actually pretty great. We both knew going in that there was likely to be some pain for me, but i also knew a lot of it was going to be psychological. He was awesome, the whole thing lasted a few hours. It took a few tries before we were able to get things going all the way, but we both thought it was pretty great for a first time. We definitely had fun with the foreplay. there was a hot tub in our room (vegas, baby) and there may or may not have been a wheelbarrow attempt. A few weeks later, though, we really found our groove. I think the biggest thing is just communication and having a partner who is interested in meeting your needs. If you’re both looking out for each other, then everyone ends up happy.”


“We were as prepared as we probably could be. Weeks (maybe even months) before the wedding, my wife went to her OBGYN and talked about preparing for sex. She was given a series of tubes (ha) of varying size that helped stretch her out. They basically looked like cheap dildos. They start out small and she would insert it like a tampon. This helped stretch her out.

We planned a simple wedding day: wedding ceremony and a luncheon afterwards. We went straight to the hotel after the luncheon. We weren’t really tired at all, but we were both extremely excited. She slipped into some lingerie, and instructed me to wait on the bed. We started out by simply exploring each other….pretty normal foreplay. We decided to try our first time without any lube.

Honestly, everything was great that first time.

I was delicate with her, and she had no problems with her tightness. She loved it (even though she didn’t orgasm), and I loved it too.

We ended up having sex three times that evening, and then she woke me up at 4am to do it again.

We’ve both gotten better as we’ve better learned what pleasure the other.

But that first night was great. We have amazing memories of it.

I wouldn’t have done it another way for myself.”


“It was actually pretty terrible. It hurt her a lot, I barely got the tip in before she was crying and begging me to stop… So we did. We had a bath together instead, and fell asleep holding each other.

Tried again the next night and it was a little better.

Real sex didn’t happen until night 4, and I came in about 4 minutes. She enjoyed it, but didn’t have an orgasm until about 4 months later.

Young awkward sex is bad. Being married doesn’t magically make it good.”

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