30 Creepy Videos On TikTok To Watch In Bed Tonight

TikTok can be a pretty creepy place…

The couple that found two dead bodies while recording their Randonaut adventure:

Real serial killer stories:

This creepy hitchhiking story:

A missing girl calling her dad a pervert 4 years before she “goes missing”:


Please help me get justice for Alissa by sharing, liking, and commenting on this video. Listen to her story on the Voices for Justice Podcast. #fyp

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This actual photo of Jonbenet Ramsey before she was murdered:

And Jonbenet Ramsey wasn’t the only one:

Did you know there are actual CIA documents about how to reach another dimension?


Google “Akashic records CIA” the first two results outline the process. #trippy #learnfromme #science #viral #spiritual

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What’s behind the door?

Houses with creepy secret rooms:


Foreclosure inspection hidden room

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More creepy secret rooms:


bruh i can’t make this up this all happened yesterday lmao comment if u want a part 2 #fyp #foryoupage #house #hiddenroom #roommakeover #housetour

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A tour of a creepy abandoned mine:

Analyzing CIA documents:


All I’m saying is this was an actual study that they did 👽 #cia #fioa #mars #martians #crv

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More creepy Randonaut adventures:


i questioned this at first but it’s 100% real. #randonautica #randonauting #randonaut #fyp

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That moment when you realize your dog found a body:

A creepy clown motel:

Evidence for the Free Brittney movement:

Randonauting to ghost towns:


I deleted the #randonautica app after this #randonauting #creepy #scary #fyp @adrenalineaddiction

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What happens after you Randonaut:

Scary old man yelling at kids protesting for BLM:


welcome to my small town, there was only three of us protesting #fyp #blacklivesmatter #blm #blmprotest

♬ original sound – angelcakeeeee

Seattle’s Capital Hill Mystery Soda Machine

What an abandoned penthouse looks like:

Death premonitions from Siri:


this is the scariest thing i’ve ever seen

♬ original sound – leela.land

The grisly story of Margorie McCall:

An abandoned Christian amusement park:

Randonaut glitch in the matrix:


I haven’t seen or heard from her in 9 years. I had no idea where she lived#randonautica #randonauting #randonaut #randonautchallenge #creepy #soweird

♬ original sound – madsux

A real camping horror story:


An A$AP Rocky horror show:


If u haven’t noticed I have nothing to do today so sorry for posting a ton but here’s a #storytime of when this dude tried to take me

♬ original sound – countblabla

A funny take on a favorite horror movie:


that little clown on the bike is just so sweet to me #fypシ #saw #ifiwasin #ChocolateRecipe #fyp #foryou

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And finally, Creepy Catalog’s dream headquarters:

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