Here’s The Taylor Swift Gossip Andy Cohen Worried Might Be ‘Too Much’

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift Instagram
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift Instagram

Andy Cohen was recently interviewed by Jess Cagle about his new book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries. The whole book is a collection of insider gossip he’s gleaned from working at Bravo, hosting Watch What Happens Live and being inside A list crowds.

Of his new book, Cohen says he’s now “lived two years of my life in diary form. I’ve been worried that it’s actually… that I went too far.” One story Cohen revealed was about Taylor Swift and how he’s worried about the impact revealing it may have on his relationships.

He was at the Met Ball afterparty when he observed Taylor walking by with some of her squad members wondering where they could stand in the crowded room in order to watch Lady Gaga, who was due to start performing shortly. Andy turned to her and joined the conversation, letting her know that he’d recently seen “Katy” in the corner and there was plenty of room near here. He was referring to Katy Perry — a friend of Swift’s until Katy starting dating her ex, John Mayer.

Faced with the prospect of having to sit near her frenemy, Taylor responded “Katy who?”

Even when Andy Cohen informed her that he was speaking about Katy Perry, Taylor “basically made it clear that [Katy Perry] was exactly the opposite of her friend” before asking him to “please not mention it on [your] show.” Cohen specifies that this conversation took place “in harsher words.”

This story breaks down the fourth wall nicely. Here’s a celebrity behaving badly, catching themselves, and then requesting that another celebrity (who hosts a show full of gossip) not disclose that the incident happened. Then there’s also the idea of Cohen wondering aloud in the interview if these are the kind of stories he should be sharing.

In the end, Cohen describes himself as a “shady ass bitch” who will put everything in his book. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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