This Is Khloe’s Heartbreaking Reaction To The Birthday Video Kanye Made Kim

Kanye West Twitter
Kanye West Twitter

Kim Kardashian West celebrated her 36th birthday in private, for the first time possibly ever. The star has loved sharing her entire life with her fans up until she was held at gunpoint and robbed in a Paris hotel earlier this month. Recovering in private with her family, Kanye shared the only public moments the family cared to: a beautiful montage of Kim growing up:

The 5 minute video seems familiar enough to those of us who’ve come to know the Kardashian family. It’s intimate moments of joy featuring deceased patriarch Robert Kardashian as well as Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob. They’re the close and loving family we recognize from other flashbacks.

The most heartbreaking part is knowing how close the family was with Robert senior, and how his 2003 passing has affected them all. At one point he tells Kim, “Kimberly, follow your honest beliefs and stay strong.”

After Kanye shared the video on Twitter as a birthday tribute to Kim, the family chimed in with how thankful they were to see the footage:

The one that struck me the hardest was Khloe’s response. She’s said that she had that hardest reaction to her father’s death and went into a rebellious phase afterwards. Everyone who has lost someone can relate to the tragedy of quietly forgetting what their loved one’s voice even sounds like:

Happy birthday Kim! I’m so happy Kanye was able to collect these family memories into such a beautiful birthday gift. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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