Betty White’s Most Iconic Moments: A Tribute To The Hardest Loss On The Last Day Of 2021

Betty White, whose television career spanned more than 80 years, has died. She was only weeks shy of turning 100, and like a true comedian to the end, even invited fans to the Betty White: 100 Years Young One Night Only Celebration. She was ready to share the secrets of life with us, however we think she already did. Laugh a lot, stand your ground, and don’t eat anything green!

Her Horror Movie Appearances

Being our favorite rapper.

Totally unfiltered.

We mean really unfiltered

Adam and Eve with a twist.

Best advice from the worlds grandma!

A happy life is a long life

Dynamic duo.

She isn’t wrong.

Sorry Shatner

The best way to live life is with no regrets.

Imagine witnessing this.

A fearless queen.

Improv queen too.

It’s true, ask Cam.

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