So Many “Social Distancing Memes” For A Quick LOL

Here are all the best and funniest social distancing memes.

Social distancing that new phrase unleashed upon us in early 2020 as the most effective way to combat the health situation we now face. While it’s a serious mitigation method we should all be practicing, it’s also a ripe phenomenon for the world of jokes and humor. Oh, and if you’re in the dating world and looking for some social distancing pickup lines, we got you covered.)

Because even in the most serious of serious situations, it’s hard not to laugh at yourself when you’re socially isolated and distanced from the world. Let’s get into the memes and social distancing pictures!

Kera Till explains with a clever illustration the new way we commute.

This quarantine routine meme sound familiar?

grandpa be like: 😳😳😳

PSA from Missy Elliot:

Cheers. 🍸

Shocked, hurt, confused, upset.


Introverts are heroes now. 😌

Thanks, Turbotax.

Any ideas?

Maybe dating isn’t so bad…

So many things…

Seriously what’s the point

Have you resorted to this yet?

Or are you just feeling really bleak?

poor Baby Nut 🙁

Maybe a virtual hug from Poppy will help…. Or that might make it worse…

Well this funny antidote should make you chuckle

Are inanimate objects making jokes yet?


It’s worked once or twice before…so…

Casey Frey, we love you.

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