6 Murderers That Posted Their Kills On Facebook

1. Man Murders Entire Family To End Daughter’s Migraines

via Facebook
via Facebook

Just this May, Randy Janzen of British Columbia admitted to murdering his daughter, his wife, and his sister on Facebook after doing the deed. His reasons were confusing but he stated that he shot his daughter because of the chronic migraines she had long suffered and killed his wife so that she wouldn’t have to live with the fact that he’d killed their daughter.

via Facebook

Janzen’s home was quickly surrounded by police using smoke bombs to get him to come out but he wouldn’t. Moments after, the whole place went up in a blaze that killed Janzen and burned the bodies of his daughter and wife.

2. Murder For Breakfast

via Facebook
Rebecca Aylward via Facebook

In 2010, 16-year-old Joshua Davies went to meet 15-year-old Rebecca Aylward to go for a walk together. The two had gone out for three months in 2009 before Davies broke it off and Rebecca is reported to have hoped he would ask her out again. However, Davies had something else in mind entirely and once the two young people entered the cover of a forest, Davies attacked Rebecca, first attempting to break her neck before finally smashing her head in with a rock.

He then went and got a friend to show him the murder scene because this friend had promised to buy him breakfast if Davies was willing to go through with his Facebook promise that he was going to murder Rebecca.

Rebecca’s family has since sued those friends of Davies who knew he was making threats against her but did nothing. Davies has since been convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

3. “Rip Jennifer Alfonso”

via Facebook
via Facebook
via Facebook
via Facebook

In 2013, Derek Medina posted those fateful words on his Facebook feed along with a photo of his wife, dead, and a murder confession. What began as an argument escalated to murder after the two began fighting and Medina pointed a gun at Alfonso. Declaring she was leaving him, she then went downstairs. Medina put the gun down and followed her at which time he claims the she began hitting and punching him. So, he went back upstairs to retrieve his gun and came down to see Alfonso holding a knife. Managing to take the knife away, Alfonso began hitting Medina again at which point he shot her to death.

Medina is still awaiting trial.

4. Disabled Daughter Allegedly Murders Mother, Brags On Facebook

via Facebook
via Facebook

This June, 23-year-old Gypsy Blancharde and her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn were arrested for the murder of Gypsy’s mother who the boyfriend allegedly stabbed to death while Gypsy, who was reported to suffer from leukemia and muscular dystrophy, waited in another room.

Gypsy, a Louisiana native living in Springfield, Missouri had met Nicholas online and possibly tried to make the murder look like it was committed by a robber since they also stole several thousand dollars from the mother’s safe.

via Greene County Sheriff's Office
Gypsy Blancharde and Nicholas Godejohn via Greene County Sheriff’s Office

Gypsy and Nicholas are currently awaiting trial. Police have alleged that Gypsy’s medical conditions are not as severe as reported (or even present) and that her and her now deceased mother falsely claimed to be Hurricane Katrina refugees in order to receive charitable donations.

5. Filipino Man Murders Daughter, Posts It On Facebook

Mark Alvin Manliclic via YouTube
Mark Alvin Manliclic via YouTube

In the Spring of 2014, after his wife who was away on work in Canada refused to return home and stopped answering him on Facebook, Mark Alvin Manliclic allegedly took a knife and stabbed his seven-year-old daughter Angel multiple times in the back and neck until he’d killed her. He then took a photograph of her body and posted it on Facebook, presumably for his wife to see.

Angel Mark Cathlene Manlicic via YouTube
Angel Mark Cathlene Manlicic via YouTube

The 31-year-old man was arrested on charges of parricide.

6. Bored Woman Commits Murder Because She Was “Unfriended”

30-year-old Jenelle Potter of Mountain City, TN, trolled the hell out of Billy Jean Hayworth and her fiancé, Bill Payne as well as harassing and stalking them prior to convincing a male relative that kill them both.

It all began when Hayworth and Payne unfriended Potter on Facebook. Before long, Potter was stirring up trouble under three different pseudonyms and eventually convinced her father to shoot Hayworth and Payne in 2013. Hayworth was a new mother at the time of her death Her body was found still holding her child who survived.

via MySpace
via MySpace

Jenelle Potter and her mother have since both been convicted on two counts of 1st degree murder. Jenelle’s father was also convicted of two counts of murder. TC mark


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