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7 Underrated Apple TV+ Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

Apple TV+ has quickly become home to award-winning series, but amidst the hype for hits like Ted Lasso and Severance, some quality shows fly under the radar. From gripping thrillers to thought-provoking sci-fi spectacles, the streamer has quietly been building an impressive library of original content. Check out these seven underrated Apple originals that deserve more love.

‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’ (2022)

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey follows its titular character, played by Samuel L. Jackson, an ailing man forgotten by his family and lost to dementia. When Ptolemy is suddenly left without his caretaker, he’s given an experimental drug treatment that restores his memories. With his mind clear, Ptolemy can finally piece together the mystery of his past and right a major wrong.

Beyond Samuel L. Jackson’s praised central performance, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey tackles loss and dementia with poignancy and humanity. Ptolemy’s struggle to hold onto memories and make sense of the past while fighting his own fading mind is profoundly moving. The series offers a thoughtful meditation on family, identity, and the power of remembrance when so much has been forgotten. Sensitively written and directed, it leverages fantasy elements to tell an emotional and meaningful story about the resilience of the human spirit.

‘Invasion’ (2021)

Invasion follows different storylines across several continents as the world experiences a mysterious alien invasion. From a sheriff in rural America and a soldier in the Middle East to a Japanese aerospace engineer, the drama builds as their lives intersect (and a strange extraterrestrial threat slowly surfaces).

Invasion delivers slow suspense as the pieces of the alien puzzle come together from different perspectives. Striking visuals and strong performances elevate the material. While the overarching plot about the alien encounter is the hook, the show also succeeds as an intimate character study, touching on themes of connection and empathy. The open-ended first season left much up in the air for more sci-fi mystery and character drama. 

‘Silo’ (2022)

Silo is a dystopian thriller series set in a world where human civilization is forced to live in an underground missile silo to evade the Earth’s toxic air. They are taught to live without knowledge of their past or how they got there. When a few brave souls begin to question the silo’s strict ideologies, they threaten to disrupt its social order and reveal deadly secrets. 

Silo features an intriguing and slowly unfolding mystery. The show examines complex dynamics within its close-quarters society. The show’s compelling story is backed by strong performances from Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, and Tim Robbins. For fans of psychological sci-fi stories that offer both compelling characters and ethical dilemmas, Silo deserves a look.

‘Shining Girls’ (2022)

Shining Girls follows Kirby, a newspaper archivist in 1990s Chicago who survives a traumatic assault. When a murder with parallels to Kirby’s attack occurs, she teams up with a veteran reporter to uncover the identity of her would-be killer, who possesses the ability to time travel between decades.

Anchored by a powerful performance from Elisabeth Moss, Shining Girls delivers a suspenseful and mind-bending mystery boasting themes of trauma and resilience. The genre-bending series seamlessly shifts between the 90s, 70s, and 30s via stunning period design. 

‘The Afterparty’ (2022)

In The Afterparty, a high school reunion afterparty turns deadly when a popular classmate Xavier is murdered. Each episode retells the night from another character’s perspective. As motives and secrets emerge, Detective Danner tries to piece together who killed Xavier.

The Afterparty is a murder mystery ride with a rotating perspective that breathes new life into the classic whodunit format and surprises you with each retelling. Along with the central murder plot, the show packs in sharp comedy, guest star cameos, and plenty of references that will delight pop culture enthusiasts.  

‘Foundation’ (2021)

Based on Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi saga, Foundation chronicles the fate of the Galactic Empire, which mathematician Hari Seldon predicts will soon fall. He develops a plan to preserve humanity’s knowledge before the empire collapses into chaos. The sprawling story spans planets and generations.

Epic in scope, Foundation enthralls with stunning visuals transporting viewers across far-flung worlds. The series handles the monumental task of adapting Asimov’s complex saga, retaining the books’ thought-provoking exploration of sociology, technology, and destiny. Anchored by Lee Pace’s performance as the visionary Seldon, Foundation provides an ambitious sci-fi tale that tackles an enduring question: Can one man’s actions change the course of history?

‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ (2022)

Hannah Hall (Jennifer Garner) forms an unexpected bond with her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter Bailey (Angourie Rice) after her husband Owen mysteriously disappears, leaving behind a note reading “Protect her.” As the two search for answers about Owen, they learn dark secrets that make them question his identity. 

The Last Thing He Told Me is a gripping miniseries full of twists and revelations. Garner and rising star Angourie Rice share an authentic chemistry as a stepmother and daughter struggling through grief and uncertainty. Unreliable memories and conflicting clues entangle the central mystery, keeping viewers guessing. While the mystery intrigues, the show’s true strength is mining the complexities of family, marriage, and the rubble left behind by damaged relationships.  

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