10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga

I got into yoga because I wanted to have sex with handsome men who would love me and live forever.

That was the boring part of yoga. The rest I learned later. And it all blew my mind.

Here are 9 things that blew my mind about yoga “lately.” Meaning that every day, I find something new. What blew your mind? Do tell me in the comments.

1- Flexibility is of the mind not the body

The first time I heard my teacher say: “Body is not stiff, mind is,” I was speechless. Why? Because if I had a penny for every person that tells me they won’t do yoga because they are not flexible, I’d probably have like 256 dollars by now.

When it dawns on you that it’s the mind that starts the fear cycle, and how powerful the breath is in aiding flexibility, you find that with the right teacher, you can indeed touch your toes in a forward bend, or if not right then, at least be on the way for it to happen in a few classes.

2- You can measure life-span in breaths, not years

Once we break away from thinking that we have X many years to live and instead look at it as how many breaths we have left, life makes a turn towards the nose. Every breath becomes important.

Yogis are connoisseurs of the breath. They treat it like the fine and rare treasure it is. They study it and aim at making it smooth, long, and peaceful. Yoga is a breathing practice.


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