10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga

5- Kindness

If there is ONE measurement by which you could see if a person is practicing yoga, it is that they will be kind.

They will not make you feel inferior or treat you with disrespect; they will not be mean to you, not face-to-face and not on the internet, or through any medium. You will feel that they are not even talking behind your back.

When I started acting like a yogi, it saved me thousands of hours a year of anxiety time. What to do with all that time? This is mind-blowing to me.

6- Your body hates you

This is how the path of yoga goes for those who take it seriously (i.e.: practice every day and focus on it):

You realize that your body is really disgusted with you.

The body with its magnificent intelligence begins to inform us of things we need to consume less of (junk food, bad news, intriguing affairs) so we can be more supple and light.

Suddenly we start to eat more nutritious things and on that note we also begin to go to the bathroom more often. We are less up-tight.

Fact: the more you shit, the happier you will be.

That means you get rid of the bad stuff in your body. The bad stuff in your mind. The bad stuff in your heart. Crap.



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