21 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Closet This Spring

Spring is possibly the most thrilling season, style-wise, because it’s finally the moment where you can stop carrying a 20-pound coat with you everywhere, and can actually wear shoes that are cute and not just completely waterproof. Inspired by GAP’s Lived In spring collection, here are the 21 items that every girl should have at her disposal when the weather gets warm.

1. A classic denim jacket.

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If you are starting spring without a classic, comfortable denim jacket, you’re doing it all wrong. It’s the hot sauce of spring layering, the item you can dash on top of nearly anything and improve it immediately. It goes with dresses, skirts, shorts, pants — whatever you can imagine. It’s perfect.

2. Printed stockings.

They’re not the heavy, oppressive tights of winter. These are light, airy, sweet stockings with gentle prints on them. There is a difference.

3. A light, neutral sweater.

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Look, it may be spring, but sometimes it just gets chilly. And if you don’t have one of those cute, simple, slightly-tailored sweaters to slip on, you are going to be the girl shivering on the brunch patio, trying to catch glimpses of sunlight. And no one wants to be that girl.

4. Light-wash denim.

I know that some people have heavy opinions about light-wash denim, but is there anything more breezy and cute-casual than a nice pair of light jeans cuffed at the ankles and worn about on your spring errands?

5. White jeans.

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Does anything make you look quite as effortlessly classy as a good pair of white jeans? If nothing else, it conveys “I am capable of sitting on things all day without getting my butt all gross and dirty,” which is huge for anyone’s self-worth.

6. Something baby pink.

Baby pink is the color of all things wonderful and springy, of the first soft flowers, or the bubblegum you chew as you walk down a sun-dappled street? (I am bad at metaphors, leave me alone.) Either way, get some baby pink in your life!

7. A classic trench.

There is no item more essential in any woman’s closet come spring than a basic, functional, well-tailored trench coat. This is the moment where you should be investing, because a good trench coat will last you a long time and will make nearly every outfit look put-together and classic.

8. A floral button-down shirt.

It’s like wearing spring itself on your torso!

9. A zesty scarf.

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A patterned scarf takes even the most casual outfit into “Hey, look at you!” territory. It’s the lazy girl’s secret weapon.

10. A bright shift dress.

It’s what Michelle Obama wears in spring — it’s dignified and classic and happy. We could all stand to dress a little more like Michelle.

11. A dainty sundress.

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Does anything herald the arrival of spring quite like the first time you wear a floaty, sweet sundress with complete disregard for the weather forecast? You know it’s going to be nice all day, and you are breaking out the airy cotton guns.

12. A floor-length skirt.

This item is kind of sneaky, because it allows you to keep somewhat warm in those transitional weeks while still seeming free and springy. Paired with a classic denim jacket, it’s the ultimate “embracing spring without freezing my legs off” ensemble.

13. A basic v-neck tee.

It can be grey, it can be beige, it can be black. It just needs to be functional.

14. A crisp white button-down.

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You need to replace them often, because a white button-down with even the most mild discoloration just screams unkempt, but when it is fresh, it is your best friend. It is by far the most functional shirt in your closet.

15. Short shorts.

Sometimes you just want to wear short shorts. It’s the ultimate “eff you” to winter, and I respect it.

16. A brightly-colored skirt.

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If you want to go from zero to classy with almost no effort, you wear the brightly-colored skirt with a basic white top, and you have it all put together.

17. Pastel pants.

Pastel pants are so wonderfully girly and sweet, and yet have all the crucial function of pants, such as being slightly warmer and allowing you to ride a bicycle without flashing passerby. The best of both worlds.

18. Boyfriend-something

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Maybe you don’t have a boyfriend, maybe you do. The point is, you have at least one item — jeans, shirt, tee — that embodies the charming, sexy feeling of wearing your guy’s most prized possession after a night with him. It infuses even the most boring day with a little something extra.

19. Classic sunglasses.

The sun is going to be out, and you are going to be laying under it in a park, eating cheese and grapes and other fancy spring-person foods. If you can’t protect your precious peepers in style, you can’t embrace everything that the weather has to offer.

20. A fresh white tee.

White tees are a must. Buy them by the barrel, like those little red chain monkeys.

21. Bright ballet flats.

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Your feet deserve to be adorable and comfortable. Give them the best of both worlds! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Inspired, and brought to you, by GAP’s Lived In spring collection. In stores now.

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