33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

33 Paranormal Stories Even Skeptics Are Going To Freak Out Over

These paranormal stories from Ask Reddit will make you believe in ghosts.

1. Long story short, multiple people who are not friends with one another have been in my house and seen a woman in a blue dress and then told me about it later. I don’t tell anyone else about it (not even my husband) because it doesn’t bother anything. No big deal right? Any who, I myself have seen her twice.

The first time I woke up in the middle of the night and saw her leaning over the baby’s crib. I immediately sat up and she just faded away. I felt crazy because I didn’t know anyone else had seen her at the time.

The next day I went to Walmart and some lady walks by me and says, “She likes the baby.” I stop and ask what she said and she says, “The woman, in your house. She likes the baby.” Low-key peed my pants and ran home.

2. When I was a little kid, my father used to take me and my two sisters to a railway museum in my city. We loved it but he suddenly stop taking us there. Years later I was told why: every single time that my father took photos of us there, a strange face appeared above my little sister and so he got scared and never brought us there again.

3. First night in my first apartment. Didn’t have a bed so I slept on the couch in the living room. Had a nightmare that someone with a knife was going down the hallway. Just as they got to the living room door, I woke up. I jumped in my car, spent one more night at my parent’s.

Two months later, my roommate falls asleep on the same couch. Next morning he tells me about a dream he had about a guy coming down the hall with a knife, just as he got to the door, my roommate woke up.

Few months later a friend asks if he can crash for a night. Sure, he can sleep on the couch. Next morning he says he had a weird dream. I said, “Guy coming down the hall with a knife?” My roommate added, “You woke up just as he got to the door?” Dude went palest shade of white I ever seen.

4. When I was six or seven, I was going to the bathroom, not bothering to close the door because no one else was home. My parents’ room was directly across a narrow hallway from the bathroom, with their door being pretty close to being entirely open, with only clothes keeping it pushed slightly outward. From where I was, I could see the foot of my parents bed, the wall on the left side of their bed, and the wall which the door was against, being nearly fully open, if that makes sense. Sitting silently, I see a black dress, with no figure inside rise up from behind the left side of my parent’s bed, proceed to float out to the front of the foot of the bed, appearing to float directly towards me, and float behind my parents’ bedroom door. Completely silent, no body, no legs, feet, nothing. Just a black dress. It floated not slowly, but not too quickly, like it didn’t even know I was there and was just casually floating through the house. I was freaked as fuck. I finished my business, and quickly jumped across the hall and slammed the door the other way screaming out of fear and an attempt at being threatening. But nothing was there besides my mom’s robes and pajamas. Since then, I was sure to close the door every time I went to the bathroom. And only recently have I begun going with the door open if no one else is home. And nearly every time I do, the thought of that goes through my head.

5. I have been saved from death 8 times by a spirit guy wearing a bowler hat.

Each time has been different, but I am not the only one who has seen him. He has woken up my father and told him to check the garage. My father found me seizing and choking. I also fell asleep while driving. He turned the car sharply before we went off into a river.

6. When I was around 11 years old, I heard scissors snipping from my parents’ bathroom, which was next to my bedroom. This happened every night from around 1 to around 1:30. After about three months it stopped, and the dream I had that night was about a witch looking thing dragging its nails against my back and the next morning my back was covered in scabs that looked like someone scratched my back.

7. I went on a late night history tour of an old west prison, (supposedly haunted) and felt someone touch me on the shoulder. Looked behind me at the cell door and others on the tour. Turn back around. I distinctly feel three fingers touching my shoulder. I then felt a presence behind me, like the kind you get when you walk past mannequins at clothes stores. But there was no one there inside the cell. This all went within moments. The tour guide told me it’s the “friendly” cell. No one else on the tour experienced anything.

8. I was babysitting my ex’s niece when I was still with him, at their family home. His sister went out with friends that night and my ex was working, so I was alone with baby and my ex’s youngest sister who was only two or so years younger than me. They lived out of the city on a dirt road so they had a BUNCH of land. Their kitchen had large, beautiful windows that almost went from floor to ceiling and you could see over the land where the horses were and some plains and stuff. During the day it was very serene looking out the window because there was no neighbors, nothing you could see more miles except serene tranquility.

This setting changed at night. I was completely terrified of what all of this vast nothingness looked like during dark. I couldn’t see ANYTHING out there, but something could look in and see me. I distinctly remember getting a chill up my spine once the sun had set and shutting the curtains end to end that night I was babysitting. Once it got later in the evening and I was failing miserably at playing Morrowind on a terrible $300 thinkpad laptop (I was not smart), I went into the kitchen to get a drink because it was time to take my meds.

As soon as I stepped into the kitchen, I saw that the curtains were wide open. Not just a little bit, but end to end open. I’ve got ADHD, but I would NOT have left those fucking curtains open because their property genuinely scared the shit out of me at night. The baby was asleep, and my ex’s sister didn’t leave my sight all night either so no one would have opened those curtains.

IT HAUNTS ME DUDE, FUCK. I think about it and get all woozy. I try to be rational but I still just can’t explain it.

9. I actually have a bunch of weird paranormal stories, but there’s one that really creeps me out more than the others.

I was about 13, sleeping over at my friend’s mom’s house. She lived in a duplex that the family lived in for 40+ years. She had a couple of kid-cousins over that weekend, so I didn’t think of it when I saw a small blonde boy in a striped tee come around the corner and peek into the room we were hanging out in. My friend asked me who I waved to, and I just said one of your little cousins.

The next morning we went to the other side of the duplex where her grandparents lived, and I saw a picture on the wall of the little blonde boy with the striped tee on, with “in memory of” written on it. I got a chill and asked her who it was, and she said, “Oh that’s my uncle, he got hit by a car right outside the house when he was 7, in the 80s. Why?” I told her that’s the exact little boy I saw outside your room last night, and she just responded with, “Yeah, he likes to say hi to the family sometimes.”

10. I’m convinced the house I lived in during my freshman year of college was haunted. I also swear that all of this is 100% true. I don’t talk about it because it sounds ridiculous but it happened and I can’t explain it.

The house was 120 years old. My room had a door to the attic that I kept locked. I had 4 other roommates who all swear they weren’t fucking with me.

I was laying in bed one day and I heard a super loud crash behind the door of the attic. I grabbed my big male roommate and we opened the door together. At the bottom of the steps (there were 6 awkwardly shallow steps leading up to a bunch of that pink foam stuff and your typical attic) there was an old painting of some lady. We were creeped the fuck out. Nobody had ever seen the painting before (let alone gone into the creepy attic).

We put the painting in the corner of the attic where it COULD NOT fall and didn’t think about it again.

A few months later I heard the same crash. I figured I dreamed or imagined it. Again, I opened the door and found the painting sitting there.

This time I moved the painting into the basement. There were some shelves and I just threw it in the back of the top shelf.

A couple more months went by. Yet again, late one night, I heard the crash from behind the attic door. I thought to myself “no fucking way.”

Grabbed my roommate again and opened the door. THERE IT FUCKING WAS. That god damn painting was sitting at the bottom of the steps again.

I don’t understand how. I kept the door to my room locked as well as the door to the attic. My roommates couldn’t have gotten in there to play a prank. I truly don’t understand it.

After the third time we took the painting out to the fire pit and burned it. Thankfully, all the creepy shit stopped there. I moved the fuck out of that house as soon as the lease was up.

I can’t explain what happened I just know it was creepy as hell and you could not convince me to go back there.

11. One time when I was nine, I tripped down the stairs and was about to hit my head on the ground head first, but then?

I was just standing at the bottom of the steps like I walked down. Still confused to this day.

12. Three times in my life I saw everything around me freeze all at once, but only for half a second each. It’s weird, but by the 3rd time I knew I wasn’t seeing things. I just knew something was up.

13. We were spending the night at my girlfriend’s (now wife, then a few months into our relationship) dorm, as we usually did (alternating between her building and mine).

Suddenly, in the middle of the night (~3 AM?) , we both wake up at the same time for no apparent reason, both feeling really unsettled, scared even.
Both of us somehow have a very distinct feeling of there being someone else in the room, even though we can clearly see there’s no one there as it’s a single room, only ~16m² (170sqft) big.

We calm each other down and go back to bed.

When we wake up in the morning, one picture on her fridge is now hanging upside down. More specifically the only one containing an image of the two of us together.

The weird thing about this, is that the magnet is still on the bottom side of the picture (so it can’t have been gravity) and the picture is still in the EXACT same spot amidst all the other pictures.

A few days later we found out that a girl who lived in her room more than a decade before committed suicide after a breakup with her boyfriend…

When I think of this logically, it sounds like a silly story. But we both still very vividly remember this as scary as fuck, even though we’ve now been together for 12+ years.

14. Long story short, we knew we had a ghost kid at the house after a few drinks I decided to taunt him by laying a beer bottle on its side and saying, “Timmy, if you’re really here, spin the bottle.” A few seconds go by and nothing happens; then every door in the house slammed open. The front door had a deadbolt on.

15. Haunted house growing up. Things would fly off shelves, heavy objects would move with no explanation, electronics would turn on and off in really creepy ways–lights, radios, etc… My sister and I also both remember seeing this shadow thing standing in the hallways on multiple occasions, but we were little so I generally just write that off as kids with too much imagination. But the rest of that shit? Scary stuff and not generally in the realm of “normal,” at least to me.

16. I was pushed down a flight of stairs by an unseen force that felt like hands. It was this creepy old house being rented to university students and my gf had the upper attic floor, with a set of stairs that lead down to the second floor (real stairs, not the fold out kind). There was a lot of weird paranormal shit that happened in this house, but this one event really stood out.

My girlfriend’s friend had just come over wasted drunk and passed out on her bed. It was irritating cause were horny and wanted to hook up. After an hour of trying to get her to wake up to send her home we gave up and decided the couch would be better, plus she was out cold, so we didn’t think she’d know.

So my gf sits down on the couch and I decide I really should brush my teeth, so I tell her I’ll be right back and head for the stairs. I look at her while I’m going down the stairs and wink. At that moment I feel hands hit my back and I literally fall forward and start rolling down the stairs.

Two cracked ribs and I had to be taken out on a stretcher because I could barely breathe and it hurt like hell to stand up. My gf never wanted to believe what I felt and insisted I must have just slipped, but I know I felt strong hands hit my back.

It took her the longest to start believing that place was haunted, but damn was there some paranormal shit. As far as her roommates and I were concerned, by the time everyone was done living in the house, that event was worst that happened because it got physical.

17. I work alone overnight cleaning a restaurant. There have been quite a few scares, but I’d say the most paranormal was when I heard pleading at the back door one night.

It was short and to the point. A woman’s voice said my name and a man’s voice said, “Let us in.”

I went to look out the window that was attached to the door, and no one was there. As I turned to go back to work, it sounded like something slammed into the door. Knocked my ass to the floor and I scrambled up running to safety.

I had the managers look at the recording that morning when they came in and said they saw nothing. This is only one example of a lot of weird shit that goes on there.

18. Street lights turn off when I walk under them. I don’t mean it happened once or twice, it happens all the time at all hours (as long as those lights are on) and anywhere I might be walking. If I walk right under one, they turn off. It used to scare me when I was a kid, now I barely notice.

This is the only “paranormal” thing that has ever happened to me, I think. Then again, I’d probably get killed in a horror movie because I would refuse to believe in the paranormal.

19. When I was a kid, I had slept in my room, and I saw a lady wearing a black outfit was looking at me behind a window curtain. She just smiled at me. I was paralyzed with fear and wasn’t able to scream. I had seen her about three times in different places in my house, just standing and smiling at me. I wasn’t able to do anything, but after I just ran to my parents and screamed, telling them what had just happened. Since then, I haven’t seen her again!

20. A few years ago I had been out of work for 3 months and had given up hope. On top of that, I had been getting 20-30 spam calls a day, so I had turned off my phone.

I was taking a post-lunch nap when I felt a hand grip my shoulder and gently shake me awake, with a voice saying, “Answer your phone.”

I staggered up and went to my desk and turned on my phone before realizing what had happened. Around 15 minutes later I got a call from a recruiter who had been given my name by a former co-worker. Went for the interview, aced it and I’m still at the job.

I’ve had other weird experiences. We live a couple of blocks from the city cemetery. I’m positive we have tourists coming through, but I don’t know if they’re lost, bored or trying to communicate.

21. When I was a growing up, my mom had a wicker/straw angel decoration. It was as big as I was as an 8 year old kid, and for some reason I always hated it. It was creepy yes, but I got a weird/bad feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I looked at it or had to pass by it and I always felt like it was watching me almost.

When my parents divorced, my mom of course brought the angel with her when she moved out, and in our new house, there was a wall in the living room that had a rectangle cut out so you could see though it and my mom hung the thing up in there so It was kinda just hanging in free space. With it being there I swear to god it would just move on its own (there were no vents or anything near it to move it if the furnace came on).

One time I was sitting on the stairs, (putting socks on or whatever) The stairs were across from the cut out wall with a set of 2 more stairs going down between them, and I would see the angel, originally being still, just slowly turn around all the way to face me and then stop, becoming absolutely still. It freaked me the fuck out. It happened on multiple occasions but I don’t know how to explain why or how it happened, I mean it could have been an overactive imagination as a kid but the turning around and just stopping is reallllllllllllly weird.

Call bullshit if you want, but I know what I saw.

22. My house used to be the largest on the lot before our town expanded. It was the largest because it was a funeral home. They sealed off the room with plaster walls where they would prepare the bodies though, underneath the carpet in my parent’s room is a hatch too.

I’ve seen plenty of things, heard plenty of things and friends or family have said things I have seen.

We have a spirit, ghost, whichever you wanna call it that lives here named Abigail. She’s a trickster, she likes to hide things, move things, open doors sometimes or tease our dogs. Whenever my aunt comes to visit with her family small items tend to go missing. Items like her toothbrush that she set by the sink two minutes ago.

The things here, and there are a few, aren’t as active anymore. Or maybe I don’t see them or notice them much.

23. When we were burning my grandma’s belongings, a small vortex of sparks came up and kept following my sister around, regardless of where she moved in the circle, and there was no wind.

24. My mother passed when I was 22. It was an accident and a shock. My husband and I went 3 states away to stay at her house for a bit to pack things up and settle her estate. I have always had really bad problems with my sinuses. Well the stress and everything got me sick and I had a horrible sinus infection. I had medicine and I was on the couch crying after looking everywhere for it. My husband was sitting next to me holding me.

Then we looked over on the table where the bible was opened and the meds where sitting on the bible. The bible had been there earlier… closed. I remember sitting it there myself. My husband started freaking out because on the page it was opened to a verse was underlined. It was the only one in the whole book underlined. It said… and the grieving shall be comforted. I usually would not put any credence in this. I was sick and a mess. My husband was not. He is a very levelheaded person when it comes to things like this. Also quite a few other things happened for a while after that. I like to think my mother was trying to help me cope. I really hope she finally found peace… I did.

25. I’ve had many experiences since I was a kid, the one that freaked me out the most though actually happened a few months ago.

I’m only 16, I don’t like sleeping in my room so I sleep on the couch in the living room (my choice and it’s actually really comfy). I also suffer from insomnia and have trouble staying asleep. This being said I’m normally awake when my dad gets up for work at 4 in the morning and will wish him a good day at work and such. I was trying to sleep but I woke up. Having gone through this many times I just kept my eyes shut. Then I felt something that felt like a leg lean against the side of the couch and hover over me, and then I heard heavy and low breathing. It was so loud and sounded like a man so I naturally assumed it was my dad. Since I thought he was trying to check if I was awake I whipped around to try and to scare him but nothing was there. I was so confused that I kinda just sat there for a few moments thinking about what just happened.

26. When my son was about 3.5 years old we were driving home at night with him and his 7 year old brother in the back seat. As we approached an area of the road across from my older son’s former babysitter’s house my younger son clearly blurted out the name “Ashley”. Ashley was the name of the babysitter and she had died the year before in a car accident. My younger son had never met her and neither son knew that she lived nearby because she always drove to our home to babysit. When I asked my younger son what he said, he repeated the name Ashley, and when I asked him why he said that he said “Raven” told him to. Raven was his favorite stuffed animal. My wife and I were stunned and cannot explain what happened.

27. I was once in a class around 4th grade. This girl in a white dress appeared somewhere in the classroom. I observed paralyzed and she disappeared. I thought it was my imagination, but the guy next to me asked me, “Did you see that too?” Still freaks me out.

28. At my sister’s old apartment you could see into the kitchen from the living room. The kitchen cabinets would open and close and her dog would immediately start to bark. One night we were watching a movie and we heard something stumble and hit the ground in her kitchen and the dog didn’t even seem to care. I’m pretty sure we heard a ghost trip and eat shit on her kitchen floor.

29. I was in a classroom alone late at night and a guitar in the corner seemingly plucked a string on its own. I left immediately.

I went back the next night (it was finals week) and as I was leaving, I heard 4 loud steps coming down the stairs I was just on. I waited for a minute to see if anyone would come. Nobody did. I did not return at night for a while.

30. I work nights at a hotel. I was setting up coffee one morning a few years back, and I see someone very tall in the kitchen. We make eye contact. Dude’s wearing an olive green jacket and a pair of jeans. After a second, he lifts his legs at the knees and floats out the door.

Now, if I were just seeing things, I’d have panicked. I’ve hallucinated from exhaustion, and the shit I see scares me. This was there. This was real. It must be a guest or something in an employee area. This has happened a couple times. I take off running to catch this guy and tell him he is not permitted back there.

No one is there, because of course not. The back is empty. I am alone. I was still convinced for several minutes that this guy was just hiding from me and he’d have to come out and I’d be able to talk to him.

Almost a full 5 minutes elapsed before I realized I was literally chasing a ghost.

31. A lady’s voice coming from my closet. The door was slightly opened and I heard the voice say, “Help me. I see you through the crack.” I was scared shitless but I also was curious and wanting to help so I opened the door and no one was there. I’ll never forget this, it still gives me goosebumps talking about it.

32. I used to work at a “haunted” hotel at the front desk. There was a room behind the front desk where you could sit when it was late and no one was in the lobby. There was a TV with the security cameras including one on the front desk so you could see if anyone was out there. You could see the whole front desk, including the classic bell that people ring for service. A coworker and I were sitting in the back room, no one up front, and the bell rang. No one, NO ONE was out there. Over the next hour the bell rang 6 or 7 times, but only when we were in the back. I don’t believe in ghosts, but fuck. This was a nice 4 diamond old hotel that had huge ballrooms and dining rooms that I had to walk through late at night when I was alone. When I worked overnights after that as the only employee in the hotel, I would get freaked out, but never really saw anything else “supernatural.”

33. I was working the counter late at night at Tim Hortons. I heard an older lady set down her china mug and say, “Thanks dear!” Turned around and there was no one in the store. I’m okay with a regular dead customer having one last cup. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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