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We Will Always Be More Than Just Friends

Cowardice convinced us to stay in the same ground, in our safe zone; a zone where we both know we’d always last. Little did we know that ‘safe’ is not at all tantamount to painless, for it still hurt, it still hurt us countless times.

The Truth Is It Has Always Been You

I am not sure if you realize that this is all about you, or if you’ll ever realize it, but yes, it’s you. It has always been you. It took me a little too long to admit, and be brave about it, but I hope it isn’t too late.

To The One Who Never Put Me First

I hugged you the hardest when you felt like you were never good enough. I saw the best in you even if some never did. No, I am not asking for you to do the same, but why did you do this? Why are you doing this?

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