Maybe I’m Not Going To Love Anyone Else The Way I Loved You

Claude Piché

Everyone else was a distraction, was a challenge that forces me to stop, and choose to love somebody else instead. And every single time I thought I’m finally choosing someone else over you, that’s when I realize how much I would never do that because if only I have the choice, I’d choose you every time.

That’s when I go back to you, just like how I always do. But for each time I come back, I only come back with feelings stronger, with desires deeper, and that’s when I know, too, that the more I attempt to escape from your trance, the more I am drawn back.

My heart ached for your downfalls. My heart feared your flaws. My heart got challenged by your truths. But my heart– it is the very same one that fell in love with you. It was that heart that decided those things didn’t really matter.

I’m not sure if it was written in your stars, or was it drawn in the lines of your palm to be with me, but I’m pretty sure that falling in love with you was written and drawn in mine. I was meant to cross paths with you. I was meant to make memories with you. I was meant to love you. But I wasn’t sure if we’re meant to be together; I wasn’t sure if we’re meant to hold hands while facing storms; I wasn’t sure if we’re meant to build and reach dreams together.

But I’m taking the risk. I’m taking the endless possibilities. I’m taking the non-assurances. Because meeting you was one in a million, and I could not afford to lose you because I didn’t become strong enough to stay in love with you. I couldn’t let fear take away my happiness this time.

I know I’m not the happiness that you long each day, but you– your smile, your laugh, your eyes, they’re mine to keep in my memories. They’re mine to bring with me as I meet other people along the way– people who could never compare to you. They’re mine to cherish because I could never have those with any other.

I could never meet another you again– not in another lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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