I Might Fall In Love With Him

Alejandra Quiroz
Alejandra Quiroz

I needed to breathe slowly to stabilize my system, to look away to drive away this weird feeling, and to think of other thoughts for I am not liking those that are crossing my mind.

I am suddenly unaware of what happened, of what is happening. Since when did I ever get this uncomfortable feeling with him around? I can’t seem to remember it ever happened before, but today is different. My inner self seems to be rallying for a reason I can’t understand. I am in a chaos. What did he do to me?

For a moment, it scared me. It scared me how close he is, humming a few inches away from me. His presence… it was intoxicating. Then we needed to go on separate ways. And the rest of the day, I crave for him to be that near to me one more time. I need him close, so close.

His hums brought back so many collection of memories. But more than those, it gave me a feeling that is still unknown. I wanted to look at him in the eyes and find the answer in them, but I didn’t. I couldn’t for I am afraid that when I look at those eyes, I might just fall in love and there is no way to go the other way around. TC mark

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  • http://littleharto.wordpress.com littleharto

    Hi. Ive read a few of your posts and love them so much – theyre beautifully worded and in my opinion, couldn’t be more true.

    Mainly on my blog, I’ve stuck to baking and beauty, but would love to start delving deeper into more serious topics like sexuality, coming out, breakups, ect. However I want to avoid the whole ‘agony aunt’ sound in my work. I just simply want to talk about my own experiences, and talk through how others can get through them too if theyre struggling. I kind of want it to sound like a chilled chat to a close friend, over a cup of tea and cake – so the message goes across but isnt forced, sound pushy or preachy. Do you have any advice on how to do this? Thank you ♡

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