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What People Don’t Understand About You, Based On Your Moon Sign

moon sign, man next to moon

Aquarius: You’ve always felt different from everyone else, even if you can’t explain why. You see the world differently, you think differently, you feel differently, and you’re not sure anyone will ever be able to understand you. This can cause you to feel alone sometimes, even when you’re standing in the middle of a crowded room. 

We Need To Stop Calling Women Crazy

woman stands with a balloon

When I called them out, when I caught them in a lie, when I was hurt by something they said or did, the word always found its way back to me: crazy, crazy, crazy. At some point, it started losing its meaning. Or maybe it just stopped affecting me because I started to believe it.

Fall In Love Every Time You Travel

Fall in love with the sounds, with people talking in languages you don’t understand and forks clinking against plates and loud laughter drifting out of restaurant windows. Fall in love with the taste of fresh food and new flavors. Fall in love with every person you meet, even if it’s just for a moment — let them make marks on your soul before they leave.

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