Thank God It Is Finally Pisces Season So I Can Cry To My Heart’s Content

Thank God It Is Finally Pisces Season So I Can Cry To My Heart’s Content

It’s officially Pisces season, bitches! At least, it is as of two days ago (sorry, I’m a standard Pisces procrastinator). And you know what that means: grab some tissues and a bottle of wine, because it’s about to get emotional as fuck in here.

We had Aquarius season to detach from our emotions, connect with our humanitarian side, and get a lil weird, but now it’s time to rein it all in and get introspective. And by “get introspective,” I mostly just mean “feel a lot of things but have so very little energy and motivation to really do anything about it other than brood over our own thoughts.”

Basically, if you’re a Pisces, it’s just another day in the life.

I’m going to be real with you: this probably isn’t the time of year to jump into giant projects or try to organize your life (sorry, Marie Kondo fans). In fact, you might find yourself more distracted and lethargic in your work life than ever—that is, if you can actually convince yourself to get out of bed in the morning.

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Oh, come on, you know you want to hit that snooze button just a few more times.

Pisces season is a time of reflection, daydreaming, and feeling all your feels, no matter how messy they may be. And I bet they’re pretty messy right about now!!! It doesn’t help that you probably have noticed you’ve become a little too in touch with other people’s emotions, too. (Ew, right?) The best thing you can do is make like a Pisces and go with the flow, because you’re in it whether you like it or not.

That’s right, it’s time to take all those thoughts and feelings you’ve been bottling up and let it all out. Thank god—we could all use a good cry over this dumpster fire of a new year.

I’m sorry, is this making you uncomfortable? Not everyone’s used to being touchy-feely all the time, apparently. If you’re a water sign, it’s your time to shine, though any other element might feel, well, a little out of their element. Expect to be more indecisive than usual and a little touchier than you’re used to. You might even feel foggy or frazzled for the next month or so, but don’t worry—it’s just some good ol’ fashioned Pisces energy, courtesy of the universe. (No one ever said the universe was fair, guys.)

But it’s not all bad, I promise! Pisces season is also a prime time for relaxation and retreating from the world, which you’ll probably want to take advantage of before the chaotic energy of Aries season overtakes you next month. This is the perfect time to treat yo’self and work on you, babe. The rest of the world can wait!

So cancel your plans, put on a face mask, watch a chick flick, cry to a 15-second YouTube ad, drunk text your ex, buy a dream journal, cry to the news, write bad poetry, follow your gut, confront the complicated emotions you’ve been pushing away, cry while scrolling through Twitter, and get in touch with your romantic side—it’s time to let your inner soft bitch shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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