This Woman Was Told She’d Be Fire If She Were ‘Lighter’ And Her Twitter Response Is Beautifully Inspiring

Twitter / @dopelike_mimi

Women can’t catch a break these days. Despite the push toward body positivity, we still face all kinds of discrimination — sizeism, agism and, in this particular instance, colorism.

Mimi Mbah is an aspiring model from Maryland. She’s seriously stunning, and she’s got the following to prove it.

And yet somehow it’s not particularly surprising that some asshole had a douchey comment to make about her appearance.

Really, now? Really?

But Mimi had the perfect response — it was simple, sweet and exactly the kind of positivity we need in the world.

Yaaaaaas queen, you tell him!

People on Twitter were definitely there to back Mimi up, not that she particularly needed it. Still, we could all use some Twitter love every now and then.

Of course, people were properly pissed as well.

Honestly though, who cares about his opinion anyway? He obviously wouldn’t know beauty if it slapped him in the face, as I’m sure we’d all like to do.

Keep slaying, Mimi, and keep spreading all the self-love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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