Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor Watched Protests With A Glass Of Wine And A Fur Coat And People On Twitter Are Obsessed With Her Pettiness

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I can’t imagine that being Ivanka Trump’s neighbor is particularly pleasant, but this woman is definitely making the best of it.

It all started on Saturday, when hundreds of LGBTQ protestors gathered outside Ivanka’s house for a “dance party” as a response to Donald Trump’s recent change to environmental policies. And while I’m not really sure how Ivanka felt about that, some of her neighbors were totally digging it. Like this one, who we can all kind of relate to on a spiritual level.


In case you can’t tell what’s going on, not only was this woman watching the protests from across the street, but she was doing it in style — fur coat, luxury watch, glass of wine and all.

But seriously, just look at her.

Obviously people were obsessed with this perfect specimen, mostly because we all want to be her.


Some might say the neighbor — and the rest of us — are a little petty. We’re not really denying it.


Does our love go a little too far? I wouldn’t say that. Why do you ask?


She truly encompasses not just the American spirit, but the spirit of all humankind.

Thank you, Ivanka’s neighbor, merely for existing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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