50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

6. He started preaching for me

I wanted to hook up with a guy with abs. I found a guy online who had great pictures. He was skinny and tall. He was into bbw, and I was to small for his tastes but we agreed to hook up. He comes over to my place. We fuck like rabbits, cuddle a bit, then it’s time for him to leave.

He said God Bless before almost closing the door behind him. I snickered and said yeah. He stopped dead in his tracks. He asked what was that? I said I don’t believe in gods. Suddenly he turns on Christian boy mode and is compelled to witness to me. He says he’ll ask for forgiveness for the hook up and pray for me. He had guys give him blow jobs before but he’s not gay because god forgave him. I was just like… Omg leave.

— Virgoan

7. He started complaining about his wife

Hooked up with a pilot who was in my city just for one night. After we got done fucking, he started talking about his wife in Texas – and then his girlfriend in Atlanta called him with some drama. I just left then.

— searedscallops

8. He cried after he came

I hooked up with an ex of mine a couple months after we’d broken up. I had ended the relationship, but it was because he didn’t want to move the relationship forward, because he “wasn’t sure,” so I figured it would be fine. Sex with him was always awesome, we weren’t together any more so no strings attached.

Yeah, the sex itself was great. But afterwards he just sobbed for a really long time about how much he missed me. The feeling was not mutual, and it was very awkward.

— Jilltro

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