50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

26. Tricked me into cheating

Guy I had a crush on for years starts hitting on me, he says he’s on a break with his GF so we fuck. His dick is disappointingly short, he didn’t even try to make me cum, and the next day he’s posting pictures with his girlfriend publicly saying how much he loves her. So obviously not on a break. I was dumb to believe that lie especially since I know he has a history of cheating.

— worldwideweeaboo

27. It was just boring

My first “boyfriend”. We only dated for about six weeks. This was about six years ago, before I even knew what I liked in a man and really anything about myself. We met at work, and started seeing each other after he got rejected by another coworker.

The sex was boring and I didn’t feel anything, even though he was my first. He was also boring and I never had fun with him. He couldn’t hold a conversation and all he did was smoke weed and watch sports. I think it was a hookup because it wasn’t a loving relationship at all. We weren’t even friends

— SoftRedDoge

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