50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

20. Headcase flipped out over a jacket

This happened around 8 years ago when I was doing the single parenting thing. Met a guy through a mutual friend, swapped numbers, and spent a few weeks texting back and forth. The guy was attractive, employed, funny and what I thought at the time, completely fucking normal.

So a few weekends later, I found myself child free and we’d planned him to come over for a few drinks and a movie.

I had a joint in my room that was given to me weeks earlier by a friend that I was waiting for the right time to hit. I’d offered, he was keen, so we roached that baby up over a chat and a laugh. The night went great, ended up in the bedroom and I explained he couldn’t stay the night as I wasn’t sure what time my daughter was being dropped off the next morning. He was cool with that.

Fast forward to next day I wake up to messages from him saying he’d left his jacket at my house, he needs it, and apparently needs it RIGHT NOW. Messages coming across rude as hell, which was odd. Again, I explain I’ve gotta stay home and wait for daughter, but he can call past quickly and grab it.

This wasn’t good enough apparently, and he keeps aggressively messaging me demanding that I bring it to him now. I tell him no, I can’t, and I’m not interested in keeping this conversation going, he knows where I live, come and get it. I’m waiting for daughter. I offer to drop it at his work the following day as I pass his work on the way to mine, still not good enough.

So later I receive a message telling me since I have now stolen his jacket, he wanted me to know he called the police and told them about the drugs at my house. Wtf!!

Turns out he really did too. The police arrived at mine a few days later, he told them I was growing weed!! They were great. Had a quick look around and found nothing, obviously. We had a chat and told them honestly what had happened. They were really good about it.

About 12 months later, I get a random apology text, and an invitation to dinner with him. I respectfully decline, and he tells me that he’s really upset I said no because he thinks he’s in love with me.

So that’s my regretful hook up. Dude was a headcase. A girl I went to school with started dating him a few years later, and her Facebook page is pretty interesting, he’s clearly a fucking nut job.

— littleblackduck80

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