19 Conventionally Attractive Women Explain How Being Hot Sometimes Makes Their Life Harder


1. Hiring me for all the wrong reasons

I’ve been hired at two separate companies for a job that I knew I would like and that I was qualified for. However, I wasn’t brought on for the right reasons. The first one, apparently hired me for a position that wasn’t open then tried texting me every day outside of work because apparently he went out on a limb to get me in there. Dude, you almost got yourself canned for thinking wth your dick. The second, tried to pay me to sleep with him. Another company hired me “because [I] was hot” which I didn’t find out until I was told that’s what the hiring manager told a colleague after my interview. That job worked out just fine, actually. I got respect by doing my job well which was a nice surprise.

Also, I completely forgot about the workplace harassment! It was actually women who were the culprits no matter how modestly I dressed, ridiculously kind I was, or how far out of my way I went to prove myself valuable in job skills/intelligence.

— Alexispaige1124

2. She stuck it out and actually did really well

Years ago when I was still doing user support our CEO brought in a new executive assistant. She was young and extremely attractive. I generally tried to keep out of all the office politics etc., and didn’t mix with anyone I worked with socially. So I had a different perspective on what happened than most.

The new assistant had a lot of stuff to learn. There was a lot of software that she needed to know and frankly I think she was underqualified for the job, but she got it because her boss liked the look of her.

The guys in the office were mostly neutral but a lot of the type of harassment that you’re describing came from the other women, especially the older assistants.

But that kid stuck it out. She worked her butt off and amongst other things developed a reputation with the IT support guys for someone who never bugged us with anything she didn’t have to and took care of stuff that was actually our jobs (set up her own PC, researched licensing issues) without ever being asked.

Within a year she had more friends in the office than anyone else and was a very effective worker. She transferred out from under the jerk who hired her and wound up working for the CFO and got involved in a lot of stuff that was way over her pay grade.

Not sure why I shared all that. I was just thinking about her the other day and it was fresh in my mind.

— YouBWrong

3. They think I should be a trophy wife

No one takes me seriously. They assume that I’m stupid and even when I prove that I’m not, there’s still that feeling. It’s even been implied that I’d do best as a trophy wife by a manager before.

— satanandglitter

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