19 Conventionally Attractive Women Explain How Being Hot Sometimes Makes Their Life Harder

13. People don’t want me to be smart

I’m also tall, thin and into retro stuff, so if I’m quiet for a long(er) period of time, people assume I’m just another dumb blonde.

Then I start talking and me having pursuing a masters degree is no longer questionable, and people run away.

I’ve made peace with it.

— caesarea

14. Stop trying to get with me!

Seriously! I can’t joke around with some of my male customers because they will try aggressively to go out with me even though I have a pretty obvious wedding band on. One guy even told me I should cheat on my husband with him. I’m not even supermodel looking or anything; I think a lot of men get off on creeping chicks out

— PoseidonsDick

15. Hard to find female friends, but creepers find me all the time

I don’t consider myself overly attractive, but random guys on the street ask me if I want to grab a coffee or give them my number regularly. The negative side effect: creepy old men follow me or try to talk to me in public. They enter my personal space and i am scared. Some guy even followed me home and tried to rape me. Also male friends are hitting on me with only a few exceptions. Female friends are hard to find as well.

— souLxTears

16. My students want to sleep with me

I’m a teacher who is reasonably attractive…. It sucks. I teach English to adults, and am often the first American woman that my students come into close contact with (my younger students anyway).

With stereotypes of American women being easy (and American teachers sleeping with students) I need to constantly put up with advances from my students. I get new students every week because of open enrollment, so it happens at least once every two weeks or so. Most of them are harmless but some of them are very sexual explicit or vulgar.

I have to be especially careful of the clothing I wear to work so that it doesn’t accentuate my butt or bust. I also spend a large chunk of my time writing student incident reports and attending meetings when I could be lesson planning. And it’s hurt my relationship with other students because I’m afraid to get too close/friendly in case they go too far.

— eururong

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