16 Couples Who Waited To Have Sex Until Marriage Talk About How Things Turned Out

Dallas Totra / Lightstock
Dallas Totra / Lightstock

1. Sucked at first, but got better

Probably not a typical experience, but I never had PIV until the night of of my wedding with my wife (now of 8 years). Sex sucked at first, especially for her. But it’s amazing now, albeit a bit less frequent. Still getting better with time.

— metkja

2. It was a big mistake

My wife and I weren’t 100% abstinent before marriage, but close. When we first started dating we fooled around some, but then she felt like waiting was the right thing to do so we didn’t do anything else until we got married.

Right when we first got married sex was alright. We did it pretty frequently, I guess. Not so much now though.

It was a mistake. Fuck abstinence. It’s the worst.

— Ospov

3. Awful relationship

Not my experience but my parents. They did not partake in premarital sex for religious reasons but they are pretty compatible in bed. Awkward for me to know but I still know.

However, their marriage itself wasn’t that great. They only moved in with each other after marriage before realizing that they weren’t compatible as a couple. After 20 years of fighting and divorce threats…they are still amazingly together.

— RedditorTAA

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