Remember That Everything Will Feel Impossible Right Before A Huge Shift Takes Place

Remember That Everything Will Feel Impossible Right Before A Huge Shift Takes Place

When we hit our breaking point and assume we are more lost than ever before, it’s not because everything has spontaneously gone wrong.

The breakdown is not a singular event, it is a tipping point. It’s the moment at which we can no longer stay in denial about what’s really going on.

We arrive here because we can’t remember the last time we felt good about our bodies, because we’ve had the same relationship problems for years, because the negative thought patterns that have been eroding us are finally holding us back just enough that we know it’s time to let them go.

Though it feels uncomfortable on the surface, this is the life-changing magic that we’ve been waiting for. The breakdown is a breakthrough, we just haven’t seen the other side of it yet.

At the core of a breakdown moment is actually an awakening. It’s you realizing that your old ways can no longer carry you forward.

For all of those years that you hated yourself, you were not yet self-aware enough to realize that you deserved more than to live in a constant state of dislike. That’s why you feel uncomfortable now.

For all of those years you’ve had relationship problems, you were not yet accountable enough to realize that you had to make a change if you wanted to see a change. That’s why you feel uncomfortable now.

For all of those years you’ve had negative thoughts weighing you down, you did not yet love yourself enough to no longer tolerate your own bullying holding you back. That’s why you feel uncomfortable now.

But in each of these cases is you waking up and recognizing that it’s time for something bigger, something greater, and something more.

That impossible feeling isn’t actually impossibility. It’s your honest feelings finally surfacing because you are now strong enough to respond to them, and to heal.

Everything will feel the most impossible right before a huge shift occurs.

Everything will seem the most hopeless right before the breakthrough happens.

Everything will feel as though it is falling apart right before it comes together.

It’s so counterintuitive, but the truth is that when we are most uncomfortable and lost is exactly when we’re finally setting ourselves up to make the massive life change we’ve needed.

When we are finally ready to truly acknowledge and metabolize everything that’s been holding us back, we are also ready to set ourselves free. We are ready to pursue more because we know we’re capable of having more.

No matter how hard it seems, just know that when your feelings seem as though they are crescendoing and everything is worse than ever, you’re probably being set up for a releasing, an awakening, a reconciliation, and the start of the next chapter of your life.

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