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Remembering the Best Movie and TV Himbos Before Ken Takes the Gold in ‘Barbie’

Let’s look back on our favorite himbos before Ken of ‘Barbie’ becomes the supreme one via his “Ken-ergy” ..if he hasn’t already.

With “Ken-ergy” quickly picking up steam as a descriptor for men akin to Ryan Gosling’s Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie, what better time to look back on some of TV and film’s most famous himbos? The guys who are oh so cute, oh so caring, oh so compassionate, but oh so dumb. A portmanteau of the words “him” and “bimbo,” himbos tend to be sensitive (a rarity for the testosterone-driven leading men we often see on screen), in touch with their emotions (even though they can’t always intellectualize them), and sexy in a boy-next-door kind of way. So, as we wait for Barbie to premiere in theaters, get your himbo fix with the beautiful but brainless boys below. 

Harvey Kinkle | ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ 

Harvey would run to the end of the earth and back for Sabrina. He may endlessly wind up in the midst of a spell gone wrong, but he’ll never be the wiser. It takes him way too long to realize Sabrina is a witch, but that blissful naivete definitely works in Sabrina’s favor. With that wavy blonde hair, charming side smile, and considerate nature, he is prime himbo material. He cares for Sabrina so much that when they’re fighting, he seems more worried about her feelings than his. He’s the boy you marry…even if you have to live your life explaining some situation twice (or thrice). 

Kevin Beckman | ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016)

The female-led Ghostbusters team hires Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) because he’s good-looking. Capabilities? None. Skills? Zero. Attractiveness? 20 on a scale of 10. He can’t follow simple instructions and struggles with trivial tasks…but he looks good doing it! With a muscular physique and a winning smile, he’s swoon-worthy. Throughout the film, Kevin’s inability to comprehend what’s going on leads to comical misunderstandings and laugh-out-loud exchanges. He’s an oblivious sweetheart. What more could we ask of a himbo? 

Joey Tribbiani | ‘Friends’

What sort of Himbos list would this be without the ‘90s heartthrob Joey Tribbiani? “How you doin’,  he asks of all the girls he wants to take home, and those are the only three words he needs to seal the deal. It’s lucky for him, considering he doesn’t know many other words. Who could forget when Joey wrote a letter to the adoption agency on behalf of Monica and Chandler, and he used the thesaurus to seem more intelligent? And, well, he signed the letter “baby kangaroo Tribbiani,” making for one of the sitcom’s most-quoted lines.

Joey’s heart is always in the right place. He’s always there for his friends. He may not boast inspirational words of wisdom, but his ears are always open and his shoulder is always available. He is undoubtedly the sweetheart in the bunch, and he proves that intelligence isn’t everything. If you’re cute, suave, and empathetic, you’ll do alright in life. 

Jason Mendoza | ‘The Good Place’ 

Jason is irresistibly loveable and means well, but he’s a bit intellectually stunted. Jason is responsible for some of the show’s funniest moments, as he frequently suggests illogical arguments that stem from a place of childlike innocence and naivete. He approaches the world with a sort of simplistic, black-and-white perspective that is unevolved but utterly endearing. 

His approach to life perfectly contrasts the very complex moral dilemmas the characters face in The Good Place. With a love for dance and music and an active lifestyle (he always excels when it comes to athleticism), he’s the fit, fun, and foolish friend who, every so often, has an idea that just may lead to success. Sometimes, we need to think outside the box — and all the restrictions that come to define our thought processes as we age. He reminds us that the adult in the room isn’t always right. 

Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch | ‘The Fantastic Four’ (2005)

He’s flaming hot in every sense of the word (couldn’t help but go for the cheese). There are multiple scenes in the 2005 movie that gift viewers with a shirtless Chris Evans, and we’re not complaining. He’s lighthearted with a bit of a mischievous side. Though he can’t keep up with the scientists in the room, what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in charisma. He’s utterly irresponsible and often puts the group in danger — as a result of his self-serving mentality that leads him to act before he thinks. But, we can’t even be mad at him. How can you hold a grudge looking at that face? 

Hercules | ‘Hercules’ (1997)

Hercules of the animated adventure musical is the prototypical himbo. He’s got the hair. He’s got the bod. He’s got the heroic nature. And, of course, he relies on his physical strength, for there’s not much going in the mental acumen department. He’s kindhearted and empathetic (as all himbos should be), but he’s totally lacking in self-awareness. Clueless describes him well, as he’s a bit out-of-touch with how his actions impact others.

Michael Christopher Kelso | ‘That ‘70s Show’ 

Those long locks. That goofy smile that’s also kind of cute. That defined jawline and prominent chin. Himbo looks? Check. Wholesome naivete and obliviousness? Check. Kelso struggles with deep conversations and will make light, unrelated remarks when topics venture into areas he’s not advanced enough to comprehend. Though it can sometimes be a little aggravating, it’s mostly funny. He’s kind-hearted and innocent, and he’s in love with Jackie (which makes us love him even more). 

George | ‘George of the Jungle’

A ripped Brendan Fraser with barely any clothing on and luscious Tarzan hair. We’re definitely watching this one for the plot. Physically adept yet utterly oblivious (he was raised by apes in the jungle), he’s prime himbo material. He doesn’t understand social norms and struggles with technology. He relies on instinct over intellect (which sometimes works in his favor) and, like many earlier entries on this list, boasts that classic himbo combo of naivete and innocence.

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